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Zarod WoW Enhancement Shaman pvp season 8 2H windfury crits warlock pvp

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  1. pafkatawe /

    can some one thell me what is good for ench shaman whit 2h

  2. pafkatawe /

    Very good man

  3. lavern44 /

    @Reliabee jew

  4. Reliabee /

    fucking retard copying other videos lol

  5. Reliabee /

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  6. Pkanom /

    wow people stealin wow vids …

  7. lavern44 /

    @choobfroobnoob stfu fag

  8. choobfroobnoob /

    aww I got excited thinking it was zarod who made another enhancement shammy pvp video =[[ fuck you kid. you should go to jail for plagairism bitch.

  9. syrioscheerius /


  10. xdukeyx311 /

    wat add on are u using for wf crits ?

  11. Zarod89 /

    Please don’t copy my video and remove it from your profile, thanks.

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