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WoW Ogre Dance

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World Of Warcraft video. I don’t own copyrights to the music.


  1. Rider973 /


  2. rcshaggy /

    @WebDidac I know right?
    They can Dire Maul as their city, and Blood Maul Hold for the mount location is Clefthooves.
    Hoping Rexxar can lead them again, and having these classes as well:
    Warrior, Shaman. Mage, Hunter, Priest, and then Warlock

  3. WebDidac /

    @rcshaggy That’d be awesome.

  4. rcshaggy /

    I really want Ogres to be playable in World of Warcraft for the Horde.

  5. douwehandbal /

    shake those boobies!

  6. o0wasd0o /

    @danielmartinspot I didn’t notice about that haha

  7. danielmartinspot /

    rick astley really put on some weight

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