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WoW-Machinima Production Progress

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A short movie, showing the progress from random WoW-Modelviewer footage to final machinima scene. This is supposed to give a glimpse at how most of the Machinima videos today are produced and how tedious the progress can be. I added a lot of effects to the clip and I could’ve added less and I could’ve added more. I just felt like this was the feeling I was going for. It’s just supposed to show the way I work with Machinima and how 95 % of all machinimas are produced these days.. Hope you enjoy it! – Farinar Music is from: Blizzard Entertainment


  1. freddy180180 /

    Do you use After Effects for this one?

  2. annieppto /

    awesome clip. have some of you fellas saw the wow cheats pack at warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it is impressive, i just down loaded it. its got completely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably shouldnt reveal to people about it but at least it gives you all a reasonable opportunity to download it before i own all of you

  3. mitchelleickhoff13 /

    have you people discovered the brand-new wow hacks at wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) ? i find it difficult to believe that they’re giving these away for nothing. normally that kind of information is only on the extremely secret underground sites.

  4. FarinarFilms /

    It’s from “World of Warcraft” called “Battle”. There are various tracks called “Battle” though, so you might have to search a little.

  5. kathrien321 /

    whats the name of the music sound clip at the end?

  6. FarinarFilms /

    If I do get around to make some it will be after The Peasant: Cost of Freedom is out 🙂

  7. sweou /

    Nice! I would love some machinima tutorials if you got time to make some! :))

  8. FarinarFilms /

    Yeah, I experienced that as well. It is not in the original file, though. I will try to reupload it and see if it fixes the problem

  9. Hamoth /

    Good work mate. I’m experiencing cracks in the sound of the final clip, though.

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