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[WoW Collab Video] Host of a Ghost

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Sorry for the bad quality. A coolab with sparkletroll: When I link someone that means you have to sub that person!! I do not claim to own any copyrights!


  1. SongoneandDemesne /

    oh wow i love it! it goes very well with the song.

  2. XxAdoraLynnxX /

    @Ishanah Thanks but I can’t take all the praises; sparkletroll came with the main idea, the one with the cat. I just improvised when doing the video.

  3. seafome1 /


  4. Ishanah /

    the orc drummer XD … looooool
    but what a nice story <3
    awesome adora 😀

  5. XxNyxiaxX /

    *-* <3

  6. nataliwow1 /

    omfg awesome love it

  7. HexHex88 /

    wow amazing vid !!! I love it

  8. XxAdoraLynnxX /

    @Wakagana Thanks. It was sparkletroll’s idea!

  9. Wakagana /

    @XxAdoraLynnxX Indeed, It made me laugh, so much. Awesome job with the whole thing though 🙂

  10. XxAdoraLynnxX /

    @Wakagana Yay like my drummer orc Waka? ^^

  11. GlaciaMay /

    looks awesome :3

  12. Wakagana /

    LOL at :59-1:06

  13. Frozenrose97 /

    *.* i…it 😀 :3 ffs! perfect !!!! :3

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