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WoW Cataclysm – Lil’ Deathwing Pet

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around. This is the collector’s edition pet from Cataclysm, but why doesn’t it fly?


  1. ZzZleeeping /

    Mr. Chilly… FTW!

  2. avenger2660 /

    hey what screen capture software do you use?

  3. C4LLUM1995 /

    ”Just got back from the launch, Met a bunch of really interesting people” Lie of the Century

  4. shadehealer /

    @TheHollywoodHino you get the rocket with loot acrd from wow tcg..

  5. OmegawizardLoL /

    Woah can somebody please tell me the name of the bag’s addon?

  6. TheHollywoodHino /

    how do you get the x-53 touring rocket

  7. badakbaudekil /

    what is the name of that add ons u use to categorizes items in your bag? (equipment, etc)

  8. KostyaPinchuk /

    can it be actually at the all charchters?

  9. DonDaviddo /

    @terminario8000 the code is different for everyone, you cant use anyone elses code.

  10. NumbSnow /

    Awesome commentary

  11. BorisNaruto2 /

    @Purpleisawesome93 Murky <3

  12. Purpleisawesome93 /

    Wyvern cub is one of the best looking pets in terms of quality in details 🙂

  13. TheHollywoodHino /

    how do you get the x-53 touring rocket

  14. freshboytubs /

    any 1 want my wow acc lvl 85 pvp warrior with updated gear all im asking for is to pay for my bb gun on amazon 28 dollars for a WOW AC LVL 85

  15. 4megatiger /

    that thing is DEVIL SPAWN

  16. TheRoyalGeek /

    hey please dont say if u already have cataclysm and buy the collection edition.. can u still get lil deathwing? or cant u?

  17. EternalJBlinus /

    @TheKromex YEs i taotaly agree

  18. Jerichorock21 /

    I bought the cata CE its awesome! The best part is the box 😀 If you dont believe me QUIZ ME >:) I even have the mouse pad

  19. Ghostcod89 /

    All thumps up if you think that flight mount is Cool !

  20. LetsPlayGuy12 /

    mage FTW

  21. terminario8000 /

    @Aven2012 but it didnt work. I been to Orgrimmar to the orc that gives me it and it said ”Couldn’t validate code please try again” so

  22. Aven2012 /

    @terminario8000 9901282059A95F0

  23. terminario8000 /

    can u tell me the code for the murloc companion

  24. 0kindabored0 /

    @HaloFikus no , but i hate ppl wich tell theyr personal lifes on youtube , like other’s care , and on totalhalibut’s channel is atrocious

  25. HaloFikus /

    @0kindabored0 felt like that comment was necessary? :p

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