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WoW Cataclysm Heroics Are Hard (World of Warcraft Machinima)

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Cataclysm heroics have been a hot topic as of late in the World of Warcraft. People have complained that they are too hard, which I think is ridiculous. They made it so you can’t mindlessly AoE through instances, and that’s a good thing. What’s your opinion on heroic difficulty? Facebook: Twitter: Music Link:


  1. Theranor85 /

    I healed zul in heroic difficulty as a brand new shaman with pvp and green gear…. You can do it

  2. Alamandir1 /

    personally i think the cata heroics are just fine. but the Zul’s are REALLY hard to heal… at least for a shaman.

  3. PodCap24 /

    Zul’aman and ZG are not hard…not even challenging,but when it came the first 3 days all the Casuals rushed there and did not listen to tacs=1200g every day to repair

  4. jmario101 /

    zul aman and gurub are kind of hard but no big deal its ok

  5. matrox999 /

    tauren arm thrust GO

  6. Biilen1 /

    @Plick2013 you will, in 6 months.

  7. Seaniesss /

    I want a blood elf with blue eyes. 🙁

  8. Evision5 /

    When will stupid dps learn to treat healers an tanks with respect, especially in pugs! where the dps attack everything the tank is not attacking >_>.

  9. Aston466 /

    @TacoWasHereX pugs ye know

  10. TheWatzitooya /

    Ok, that tauren is DEFINITELY Totalbiscuit…

  11. TacoWasHereX /

    see its funny because this actually happens >.>

  12. dragonflame4990 /

    the only reason this isnt funny is because you are the type of ppl that want everything handed to you and more than likely havnt really worked for anything if your miserable lives.

  13. sonikusan /

    This is not funny at all.

  14. Fuzzylojik /

    @Zueluuz Last word in your comment pretty much sums up the community now. The instant gratification generation hehe.

  15. plutarch78 /

    Casual =/= bad. If you’re so frantic about being paired with noobs, run with guildies or friends you know are good at what they do.

  16. Skynamo /

    Aggressive humor is typically never funny, and usually lame. PB, this video is far from hilarious.

  17. OLDmanTHUG /

    @Skope111 “I started finishing heroics in april of 2007, when they were 10x harder than these pussy wrath or cata heroics. when a dungeon finder was /2 LFG HEROIC DAILY. Get good.”


    That’s why you think heroics are hard.

  18. kaddany4644 /

    i dont really like heroics becus there is always one guy who yells way too much and is a pain for the rest of the group O_e

  19. LeNinjaPancake /

    “GO GO GO GO. Ahh screw it, I’m leaving, this group it taking 2 long…”


  20. kornickronic /

    I think cocks is the only person on youtube that makes funny ass wow shit.

  21. Revaris /

    While I won’t spoil the cameo at the end cracked me the hell up xD well done good sir!

  22. MultiPoodi /

    Go go go go go go go go go

  23. tiagoigansi /

    My english is not good to translate so quick words! #MeFail!

  24. m0ssadic /

    They’re not difficult enough to be called “heroic”. I think we can all agree on that at the very least…

  25. popopopo5445 /

    I hate people using the casual exuse. im a casual and yet i do heroics without a problem right now so they really need to not use that exuse

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