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WoW Cataclysm Guide – Vortex Pinnacle Heroic mode

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around I’m starting with what people say is the worst heroic, in terms of it being too easy. This is the Vortex Pinnacle, an instance I disliked in normal mode and also dislike in heroic. This is a full run with slightly undergeared people, demonstrating trash, bosses, wipes and strategies.


  1. dgwsgedszg /

    I dunno..he might be faking that accent. Listen to when he says “It’s embarrassingly easy” …that sounds pretty darn AMERICAN there. LOL

    I’m playin around..just funny though. And yes I agree, it was VERY lazy of them to just make the cyclones do more damage…this is what we pay for =/

  2. krisreily /

    I love this guy. I find what he says halerious. Love the accent. Nice work Brit 😀

  3. lawlElitist /

    i cant fucking find any other videos of heroics other than this guys…….not what im looking for….very annoying

  4. xBl0odLusTx /

    You can also jump to avoid the static cling effect, like you do to avoid the “Quake” effect from the giants in Stonecore

  5. xBl0odLusTx /

    You got out of the static cling before your party members because you used blink, blink breaks you out of grip effects. Also, if you’re a gnome you could use the “Escape Artist” ability which removes all movement impairing effects. 🙂

  6. Jak3rzZ /

    He is complaining about these HC’s but compared to the BC and Wotlk dungeons they’re much much better.

  7. Zinzinate /

    ehh, i dont really wanna be fapping all my life. a real vagina would be nice every once in a while.

  8. IVIorgz /

    @xxxAirurando What problems were there with Wrath that were significant to mention?

  9. xxxAirurando /

    @IVIorgz There was a problem with it.

  10. IVIorgz /

    Why does he keep refering back to Wrath as if there was a problem with it?

  11. UseyourNugget /

    Haven’t done this one yet but the others I wasn’t aware of how much the bosses hit and one hit from special power you are DEAD 🙂

  12. TheSephiroth5 /

    he IS speced and used talent points,its a bug

  13. Rattja /

    Thanks, now I at least know what it is supposed to be. Bet an addon is blocking it though, as I can’t do nothing with it, and there is nothing when I mouse over it. Also even with buffs it sometimes shows and sometimes not, thus hard to figure out heh. Anyway, to me a rather insignificant thing then.

  14. GuyN0ir /

    Tank was off speced for this, heh.

  15. GuyN0ir /

    @Rattja It’s buff consolidation. It can be turned on or off. The number it shows is the number of buffs the player has on them. Mousing over it shows the buffs.

  16. bschale /

    @samsung123ify haha sham wows fucking suck i have one

  17. stevehackt /

    omg this is a noob i am a gm in wow and i play fair on the players

  18. CueBaudcot /

    Dude…. spend the talent point already. Gyah.

  19. Primsnipered /

    VP is like the Cara version of halls of lightning – gets really boring really quick/, I did it once and never want to again, only use for it is quests to lvl easier…

  20. parkersletplay /

    0:01 FTw

  21. Der4on /

    You put your mouse over it and it shows buffs in a neat little list. I dont know why its there, propably to make the screen look clean. Hope it answered.

  22. Rattja /

    Hey, could anyone please tell me what that bloody icon is? =p Look up to the left of his map, there is a little orange icon, like a buff, with a yellow symbol on it and a stack number. What exactly is this? Some have it, some don’t, I do but there is no tooltip and it is not clickable. Been driving me nuts >.<

  23. toxicitzi /

    @SuperBigChops well, lets look at it another way. what did blizzard manage to accomplish? they made the normal difficulty easier for new players, but the heroic isn’t that much harder. why is that so? the answer is so obvious you should feel stupid for not figuring it out, Its the same dungeon.. it doesn’t matter if you add 1 more skill, you can’t change what people had already finished once.

    so, we ended up with moved grinding into dungeons instead of an easy and hard difficulty..

  24. iUseTheF2000 /

    The sham-wow guy is targeting the WRONG audience with his advertisements. Who the fuck thinks that people who play WoW actually clean themselves?

    Hell naw, I get my mom or girlfriend to do it 😛

  25. hi00118 /

    gahh…. i thought after i watched one add at the begging of a video it would stop till the next time i got on youtube… guess not

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