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WoW Cataclysm Guide – The Barrens (now with 100% less sinking Ratchet)

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This is just a reupload of the Barrens video, getting rid of the horrendous failure of a commentary in the last couple of minutes where I claim Ratchet has sunk into the ocean. In fact, because The Barrens are now 2 zones, the place where you think it should be on the map, is in fact wrong. Ratchet is still there, you can stop freaking out now. Otherwise, if you haven’t seen this already, enjoy the big changes to the Barrens.


  1. TheUgsmash /

    old REAL barrens forever!

  2. HarharHagrid /

    I was sad to see the warlock drowned. It always took a level of strategy to down that guy.

  3. superghost6 /

    @BKsMassive But dragons can still shit on them!

  4. mattxiongmusic /

    @SuperDazzleHD It’s a name specifically for shamans… It refrences the shamwow. Sham(an)wow

  5. Goscop114 /

    Steve Ballone can suck my cock….

  6. MrGeremy123 /

    i play for horde whats the best race

  7. Epicraptor1 /

    @SuperDazzleHD It’s not a wow thing, it’s a towel…

    Yeah, a towel…

  8. TheDragonJustin /

    @BKsMassive and thats why stormwind is fucked up

  9. missheath000 /

    It seems we have our first Tauren fortifications. They are quite neat… although… flammable. Your sarcasm suits me well haha.

  10. bradforddaug111 /

    I Reached The Wow Gold C4p In 4 D4ys, Check 0ut My Ch4nnel T0 F1nd 0ut How

  11. TheFlyingpurplepanda /

    This video is so special to me. It’s the very first video I ever watched from TotalBiscuit. <3

  12. BKsMassive /

    everyone keeps asking why horde building have spikes on them

    its so dragons and shit can’t land on the buildings

  13. SuperDazzleHD /

    i haven’t played wow for ages may some one tell me what is shamwow???????:L

  14. akielmisser /

    the barrens needed an upgrade 🙂

  15. Zman1106 /

    thunder ridge is flooded! 😀 i used to get lost in there, but i loved it anyway

  16. munchlaxforce /

    Gosh barrens are boring. Worse place to lvl. It’s a eyesore too.

  17. guithur /

    @HeeyHoo1891 play in a private server

  18. HeeyHoo1891 /

    To hell with the stupid game card, thats why i stop playing, cost to much

  19. Thexgreatestxfail /

    “Hi im mike burbigula and im living in a window and,.. wait what the hell is that *Points out window “I am a motherfuking shamwow truck here to advertise since you took my spot on youtube prepare to feel the wrath of…” “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to face the wrath of ADBLOCK DUH DUH DUUHUHHHHUHHHUUUH

  20. TBGrygotis /

    thumbs up if you want the old barrens back

  21. XxWoWlegacyxX /

    Hmm… Put a shamwow ad on this vid. What am I going to do? Jack off and then whipe up after?

  22. wyle105 /

    6:15 automatic respawns is not just beta
    its just awesome to get across u dont use a bridge u take off ur clothes jump down get ur achv then die in lava then ur in southern barrens 🙂

  23. megagamer82 /

    sadly he didnt advertise shamwow in wow

    megagamer82 receives [ShamWOW]

    Damage 9999 – 9999

  24. Vlaxerman343 /

    @14havl4ev lol can’t believe that’s an ad!!! xD

  25. GummyGirl12345 /

    Do you think I wanna get a Shamwow?

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