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WoW Cataclysm Guide – Potion of Illusion

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around. There’s a new alchemy recipe in the beta right now called the Potion of Illusion and it allows you to turn into things that you target. In this case, we were able to bug it out to create a giant dinosaur Hunter with all the Hunter abilities to boot.


  1. Kitsunehero /

    This would be an epic counter to pull on an Alliance raid.

  2. yeshilovesongs /

    @mitchdogwowmaster lol wrong u turn into the closest person to you…

  3. XGiliamX /

    The godzilla of wow

  4. tristmando /


  5. Hyperdemonic /

    @halofreak1998 worgens r worgens

  6. EthernalExhile /

    WoW needs things as big as this.

  7. pokemonchampion500 /

    Made in China

  8. mitchdogwowmaster /

    If you wana know apparently when you use it you turn into the last NPC or character you click on! That’s rocket science for ya

  9. halofreak1998 /

    @scarydance3 worgens r british

  10. scarydance3 /

    i’m just wondering, what is the real race that WoW races have.
    like how trolls are jamaican, what are the other ones?

  11. 666pooploop /

    thumbs if if u to got a add that was 0:00 long but never ended ={

  12. applegeek18 /

    @KarinaHougland lol, what a complete idiot

  13. jamesjiao /

    @KarinaHougland FYI, your video’s been banned by YT

  14. Disturbedinmyminde /


  15. slylou321 /

    Can somone please tell is this has behn fixed

  16. IGattsI /

    I assume Blizz fixed this sadly?

  17. SorcererOpher /

    i love the potion of illusion. bear mage FTW

  18. OlgaFidde /

    Is it possible for say dks and warlocks to also increase the size of their pets using the same potion?

  19. Play3r0ne /

    Stealth dinosaur is the greatest thing to happen to WoW since baby murlocs.

  20. WowIzAweSomE /

    Sadly i heard from my friend that thousands of people have quit for runescape?! Iagree cata isnt so lovely but runescape ?

  21. gNmurphy1 /

    @Myhealscrit damn, you got to it before me XD

  22. rpm297 /

    some really entertaining quests on the horizon if they incorporate this mechanic!

  23. Myhealscrit /

    OOMMMFFFGGG GODZILLa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ketegr123 /

    Jurrasic park in wow plz…!!! :DD

  25. paleface171 /

    All thats missing is a blonde and a giant primate.

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