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WoW Cataclysm Guide – Mt. Hyjal Levelling Part 1

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around. This is a short one folks simply due to lack of time and also some fatigue, I will continue filming everything I do and producing videos as I go along. I will level faster than the videos, but I’ll be keeping archives so I’ll catch up as I go. Welcome to Mount Hyjal and Cataclysm.


  1. Tyraldie /

    @Tyraldie It’s A TRAP

    Haha, didn’t see the whole movie before posting xD

  2. Tyraldie /

    Haha, you forgot to buff yourself with Arcane Intellect and Molten Armor 😛

  3. marbor4 /

    can you make a video of your troll mage gear

  4. juuonse /

    It annoys me so badly that TB isn’t buffing himself or using his pet and other cd’s properly :P! Yes, I know he’s just questing…but I still find myself being forced to want to hit the “pet freeze – shatter” combo all the time :P!!

  5. thelsamar23 /

    @Equationix And quartz

  6. MrLazcos /

    @Discenimat3 lol

  7. estebanford19 /

    1 Only M4de A Few Thousand With This Farming Meth0d, I H!t The G0ld Cap In A Few D4ys With My Technique, Check 0ut My V!ds F0r M0re !nfo

  8. Discenimat3 /

    The dislike bar is bigger than Justin Beiber’s dick lol!@

  9. Equationix /

    @skykiller4 it’s be easier to tell you: Bartender4, IceHUD, DBM, I’m guessing Gatherer or Auctioneer or one of those based on the map icons.

  10. TheSephiroth5 /

    Indeed TB is mean,but he is a cool dude,id love to join his guild with my own troll on AHn Qiraj,and also,why your server is dominate dby trollface,cuz TB is there to troll them to submission,i.e the alliance scrubs

  11. slinky60060 /

    this guy is amazing

  12. dafunker00 /

    @skykiller4 yeah hes gonna personally message them to every single person that asks.. dumbass

  13. Sasura4 /

    what lvl were u when u did these quests

  14. jonatan007lbp /


  15. BioHazardProduce /

    Your video’s are helping me Spawn NPC’s for a private server 😀
    P.s. Greetings from Cornwall 😉

  16. eldsnake /

    I got an 15 minutes long video about the world destuction?

  17. xXxMRxXxQWERTYxXx /

    haha hes not stuck anymore

  18. The3CRock /

    Floating Skeleton at 12:44

  19. papanick62 /

    what r your mods

  20. cattybro1 /

    why would blizzard make a paralyzed fire lord?

  21. connorkwl /

    @doig899 How is it hard? it’s as easy and logging out and leaving the computer, pathetic idiot.

  22. MrPeakpillow /

    stupid add telling me the walking dead begins tonight even though i seen the whole first series about 2 months ago

  23. Forgotten455 /

    Hey TotalHalibut / Cynicalbrit. What is your system specs?

  24. grimreaperdude1 /

    @PrinceBananaPie is that possible? lol

  25. PrinceBananaPie /

    omfg…..brill just got completely owned, because i was questing there then suddenly 5 level 85 worgen dk’s and one lvl 85 druid attacked. 300 undead vs6 worgen…..we lost

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