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WoW Cataclysm Guide – Heroic Deadmines Part 2

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around Heroic Deadmines… often requested, rarely done right. It’s not what I’d call hard, but it’s pretty entertaining regardless. Here is the second part of the run.


  1. Revens1 /

    goblins suck :s

  2. royalsolis316 /

    Good Meth0d But T0 Sl0w F0r Me, I F0und A Meth0d Which Allowed Me T0 H!t The G0ld Cap In A Week, Check My Ch@nnel F0r M0re Details

  3. superdude227 /

    I went this last day (ye ye im a bit late out) and i agree this was the so far funniest gauntlet 😀

  4. ryantarkgaming /

    @wedran123 pretty much the same with GS (you dont have 4k gs for pos) i need to do pos to get 4k gs though….

  5. amyleinart /

    HEY Vancleef Needs To Put Sum Pants On LOL

  6. wedran123 /

    You know what people are the biggest assholes on WOW?….90% of the LVL80 community…..”We dont invite you to a raid if you dont have a specific achivement”….yea….how the heck am i supposed to get an achivement if almost all of them are doing that

  7. TheWaywardGrin /


  8. Rememberdiscretion /

    wow, this guy has such a sexy voice!

  9. orcsown /

    captain cookie for the win!!!!!!!!!

  10. BrYcEjAmEstHoMpSoN /

    Hello I got a 85blood tank deathknight my Gearscore is 358 and i love this dungon blizard has made the memmories come back but foe reaper wont drop for my 85arms waoirr wats better for dpsin wid arms?

  11. Zarrn789 /

    @marus163 definately male goblin (:

  12. Mrblob100 /

    have you completed the guantlet

  13. DanielleOwnz27 /

    As an alliance, I have to say pretty much exactly what you said backwards. I have memories of deadmines. Very few of Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns. And to try to get to them at low levels was next to impossible. <3

  14. Napaeozapus /

    4:30 that rat should be more careful, it could have been hurt.

  15. Pandadruid /

    ok, so you’re supposed to kill the spinning lightning? I jumped in like mario, but then the lightning hit me from 2.5x its width away so i was shouting HAX the rest of the fight >.>

  16. drspoon3 /

    Skip to Boss fights:
    Admiral Ripsnarl: 10:15
    “Captain” Cookie: 12:00
    Vanessa VanCleef: 13:10

  17. 22BeanJo /

    @marus163 looks like a goblin

  18. marus163 /

    wakez,what race is he? I can’t really see :S

  19. TheWatzitooya /

    @OMGitspedobearman I’m Mr. T, and I’m a Night Elf Mohawk!

  20. Skaliiwaggs /

    in case u somehow missed the commercial before the vid, the shamwow sells for $19.95 for anyone who wanted to kno lol


    Hey > youve got mail!

  22. G33KST4R /

    1:26 too funny

  23. TheRoomy /

    I was looking for a video guide for the final spirit part in deadmines because no matter how often I do it, I CANT find Clarissa the third one to save, but you’re not actually explaining anything in this video. You’re just talking about random wow stuff while the video plays. And you guys failed, which I don’t know why you call it a guide then. SHould’ve made a video of a success and uploaded it. You also never did the final boss, which is there if you die on the gauntlet still.

  24. CynicalTuber /

    @MickeHg no hes 20

  25. MickeHbg /

    are you about 40 years old?

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