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WoW Cataclysm Guide – Blackrock Caverns Dungeon Run with commentary

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around. Blackrock Caverns is the first 5-man instance in Cataclysm and as of the current state of the beta, one of only two which is functional. This is a full run through with a 5 man group, of this dungeon, showing you all 5 bosses, strats and a litter of puppies (no seriously).


  1. moosepk /

    the accent makes his videos very good ^^

  2. darkether1126 /

    hi, just to say brillient video, but there is a mechanic on the 2nd boss, you have to pick people to stand in the beams, a stacking de-buff will be put on you, when it reaches 80 get out of the beam, let it reduce and step back in and rinse and repeat. that way nobody will turn into those huge things.

  3. VeryMediocre /

    I’m SOOOOOOO gonna start play this shit again. …I’m bored.

  4. Omicronmu /

    Rom’ogg Bonecrusher: “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET! NOTHING!”

    (^^ Obviously one of the best quotes in the history of wow)

  5. suicidalstefano /


  6. collinnc2001 /

    this is fun in heroic , when Bonecrusher spawns the adds pay no attention to us healers that are being pwned Ya failers

  7. JustEnjoiSkating /

    i dont mind ads on youtube if its only shamwow

  8. metallica5851 /

    @AKUJU damage per seconed

  9. Alauran330 /

    Great video dude

  10. najeemundy /

    /joke /funny lol

  11. nicklocker7 /

    @AKUJU damage per second

  12. AngeliiTamekaan416 /


  13. charmclover /

    @AKUJU Damage per second

  14. AKUJU /

    what does dps mean?

  15. mrwefd /

    how dare u this video is made on may 1st and u post it may 24 !! look at the wow calendar!

  16. TheTrialbikeman /

    thanks apple 🙂

  17. applegeek18 /

    @TheTrialbikeman no he doesn’t he has a level 83 i believe (troll mage)

  18. dalevans1 /

    6:00 I laughed so hard when they didn’t eat the evolution ability and just let all the cultists evolve.
    And succeeded.
    That was awesome.

  19. wizard101arena /

    why should i buy a sham wow when i have a rug….

  20. TheTrialbikeman /

    on real wow do you have a level 85 troll mage?

  21. CrimsonGamerz /


  22. j3ff86 /

    Reminds me lower brack rock spire

  23. mattjonesable /

    this is one of the hardest dungeouns ive ever done i used beserker stance

  24. mcswarthy /

    I think it’s funny because my toon is names Ishamwow.

  25. evildevinity /

    Is beauty tameable?

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