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WoW Cataclysm Guide – 4.2 New Hyjal Dailies – Call the Flock, Rage against the Flames, Wings Aflame

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TotalBiscuit continues his 5 day quest to get into the Firelands questing hub. 4 more Marks of the World Tree await with the quests Call the Flock, Rage against the Flames and Wings Aflame. Find out what’s in store by watching this video.


  1. Thomassando /

    Am i the only one thinking that the intro, sounds like music on Allods Online’s login screen?

  2. goingcrazy74 /

    what do u get for doing those and why they so important?

  3. lasse4 /

    @Mythiendruid you have to do all quest’s to get in.

  4. Mythiendruid /

    so you dont have to do all the quests around there to get in? rumor going around server

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  8. DimasGotSwagger /

    @2020988 Because patch 4.2 isn’t out…..

  9. 2020988 /

    i have done all the quests in mount hyjal why cant i se the quests?

  10. lolzomgz1337 /

    Well Averana IS a harpie type thing, mabye thats why you became one? 😮

  11. LoomaMounten /

    @SpawN3H butthurt cock-juggler, you.

  12. 95uptheirons /

    @SpawN3H YOU are a faggot, TB is a real man

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  14. SpawN3H /

    he doesn’t even sound british, he sounds like a faggot.

  15. operaghostandkitty /

    @dogdashdos Is it not the same realms? I have never been on the PTR.

  16. dogdashdos /

    @operaghostandkitty but its ptr not live

  17. operaghostandkitty /

    @dogdashdos Ahn’Qiraj, EU.


    @MichaelZLively wasnt trolling but nice try 🙂

  19. MichaelZLively /

    @B3ANZINATOR No offence, but you are the worst troll I have ever seen.


    TB no offence but you are the worst frost mage I have ever seen, besides gnomes in general. 🙂

  21. dogdashdos /

    Which realm is this ? cuz I want to meet u there 🙂

  22. Davidstuts575 /

    One word to describe TB? EPIC!

  23. mrtn4321 /

    @zantran1992 Oh alright, thankyou (:

  24. Sharingsasuke /

    @dan11009 addons for not clicking? whats wrong with the keybinds system?

  25. Sykopath96 /

    @dan11009 *sigh* another baddie nice try at trolling buddy, Nice try. to bad your an ignorant idiot who doesnt know left from right and should learn when people are joking, i however was not joking when calling you a ignorant asshole, for that is infact, what you are proving yourself to be, and will yet again by responding to this comment 🙂 ty and gooday

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