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WoW 4.1 (PTR): Amani Dragonhawk, Tiger Cub and Fool’s Gold. FREE!

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This is footage from the 4.1 PTR showing you guys how to obtain the following- – (Amani Dragonhawk) – (Nightsaber Cub) – (Fool’s Gold) – Potential of Unlimited Gold! Thanks for Watching and Please Subscribe if you enjoyed it 🙂 Follow me on Twitter


  1. MinecraftStudioz /

    4,1,x/4,0.6 – Blizzlike/Highrate – 24/7 Online w/No LAG! – BGs Working – 99% Spells/Talents are Working – Friendly Staff – Great Support – Bugtracker – New contents – Stonecore Spawned – Retail Features GO to: WoWEclipze,com


  2. Anatis5 /

    It this a private server?

  3. hunterkiller9991 /

    @jordanbulldog beacus ethis is on patch 4.1 it comes today downloading now =)

  4. jordanbulldog /

    this does not work

  5. Anatis5 /

    are you on a private server there? please replay

  6. TheFrunoze /

    Does it still working?

  7. Markkram66 /

    Great mount xD

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