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World of Warcraft: Warrior PTR & Cataclysm Beta Pvp (WoW Gameplay/Commentary)

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  1. juangonzalez09 /

    @MindtricksNL no u dont

  2. MindtricksNL /

    if you search : wow best warrior cataclysm you get this vid 😀 try it 😛

  3. BelieveandtrustJesus /

    WoW is occult and demonic, avoid it in my opinion.

  4. BelieveandtrustJesus /

    Atheists love the occult and demonic things.

  5. juangonzalez09 /

    name of all tracks in the vid plz

  6. juangonzalez09 /

    @exborne 2 buttons … presence of mind – arcane blast and if not dead – arcane barrage

  7. exborne /

    tell me about it a mage went against a warrior and he pressed like 1 macro and its over -.-
    i want to go back to tbc =[

  8. timmah123100 /

    So, Are you instant 80?

  9. juangonzalez09 /

    in patch 4.0.1 i saw mages blow the fuck off of ppl with 2 buttons

  10. KraftCinema /

    i character premade copied but how to i play a realm

  11. jimakos84 /

    @TrionBulldog Song that starts at 10:00 : “Two Steps From Hell – Freedom Fighters” . I don’t think you haven’t got an answer till now but im bored to browse all the comments 😛

  12. DethuxGaming /

    what the fuck, swifty is doing more damage in prot on ptr than a t2 prot warrior with good pve trinks, when did they nerf this so badly?

  13. Torchwoodandwesterns /

    @KoH4711 i wrote that 3 weeks ago i am 85

  14. KoH4711 /

    @Torchwoodandwesterns Why don’t you hit 85, scrub. Then talk shit.

  15. paaloe2 /

    the only thing that is shit with heroic leap after my opinion is that you cant use it in a hill? -.-‘ wth that sucks! :/ im so sick of the message cannot use that here! -.-

  16. Fearthedaz /

    Lol that smourne dk needs to stick to pve just saying

  17. NobukoReynoso86 /

    I really like Cataclysm but it was confusing as hell. I spent ages looking for some helpful guides. I discovered a couple decent ones but the best one was the free one!

    You are ableto get the ebook over here: CataclysmSecrets. info

  18. WizardKing78 /

    Fuckin’ well done Swifty! UR the KING!

  19. Torchwoodandwesterns /

    im an 84 warrior, it sucks for us now :/

  20. mj580353 /

    subbed, good quality videos and good game play, keep up the WoW videos ^.^

  21. 14Srb88 /

    Swifty you should have just played some PvP during talking.

  22. MoRnDe /

    I got da same Cup!!!

  23. razorwing332 /

    do you think heroic strike was meant to replace regular strike? like how the feral tree ability replaces claw?

  24. CaezarStyle /

    Wow, guys, I really can’t find the first song.. meant Planet Vibes – Ambient Grooves…
    Please help with some link.. Thanks.

  25. EtarajGaming /

    what DID you like??

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