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World of Warcraft Video Game Addiction Documentary

World of Warcraft Video Game Addiction Documentary

This is my first documentary I created on video game addiction on my first year at university Please leave any feedback, good news or bad news


  1. SoldierFrontJunky /

    @waxcoatedbanjo its informative

  2. alx1221 /

    @waxcoatedbanjo i dont think it was suppose to solve anything LOL…

  3. Vroxitsa /

    @CamKORNHD Its not meant to make games look bad, I still play video games myself, but if i didn’t stop playing WoW when i did… then i wouldn’t be at university thats for sure. The whole point is the addiction that is the problem. Not all people that play games are addicted but some are and its definitely having a negative affect on their lives when they do nothing else but play computer games.

  4. waxcoatedbanjo /

    this video did not solve anything

  5. CamKORNHD /

    Why is this trying to make games look bad? Games are fun and there is always a game somebody will enjoy. Some are too ignorant to try though

  6. kennedyboprh /

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  7. necrid86 /

    @JIPPIX94 I hear you, I remember playing at least 6 hours on KOTOR 1 at some point. I think it was from Taris to Dantooine I don’t remember. KOTOR 1 had the best game twist that I’ve played so far (DON’T WIKI) 😀

  8. necrid86 /

    @kunit101777 that is sad

  9. necrid86 /

    Unlike the games I grew up playing in the 90’s (Super Mario All Stars, Sonic 2, Starfox 64, and Goldeneye) where you play as two players on a couch enjoying a good time together, the game World of Warcraft is instantly one of those games that takes players out of their social life to the point they don’t even want to play with real people. My friend has become completely stuck to WOW, canceling social outings so he can go on “raids” when he has already beaten the game. I fear it’s like Gamer now

  10. ownerloll /

    wii or playstation wtf no xbox?

  11. VargaPesta /

    I think the most addictive part is the experience point system witch gives you a false sense of achievement. It has nothing to do with graphics, some gets hooked on MUD, some on farmville, mafia wars, some on WOW where there is always a higher level to achieve. Most of the games can be beaten, and after you finish it, you have no motivation to continue playing it.

  12. milke29 /

    i dont know how you gett addicted to wow ive played it twice even my freind who plays who now plays runescape got bored of it its just to long and boring to get that addicet to it

  13. kunit101777 /

    i dont know about you but i play CS:Source competetively for money and for high caliber play. I do not play for fun

  14. cha05kn1ght /

    lol all this sensationalism against videogames is getting rediculas. These documentaries are pure lulz.

  15. mrxsive /

    excellent production values. nice work 🙂

  16. JIPPIX94 /

    of the mosty addictive games ever WoW comes second aint nuffin touchin star wars kotor

  17. Kampex /

    LOL i thought i might be addicted so i stopped going on the computer at all for 1 month….guess im not, but i still pwn in COD4 😀

  18. gazojka /

    i really like it. keep up the good work

  19. JamalTurnerq /

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  20. rocaga80 /

    Umm…i might be an addict, i play at least 3-6 hours a day, I play Crossfire, so idk, How much is to much playin?

  21. dmaverick /


    Try to STOP PLAYING for 1 month… if you can do it, you are not addict

  22. darkmyro /

    i play video games for a good amount of hours but i dont really consider it an addiction cause i can juggle my life,social life, and school with the game(a lvl 80 gnome mage(wow) and xbox and a wii i can usally juggle my life and play time)

  23. SoulReaverForever /

    more like the lenght and imersery the game has. If it’s to short but imersing it’s not adictive.

  24. itsmeskywager /

    i play WoW 17hours a day 7 days a week its turned me into a damn zombie lol

  25. JesusWasADerelict /

    I like it how people label video game addiction as bad considering it is a part of our technological advancement and is no different than spending your time writing or reading fictional novels. To dedicate your time to one thing for hours on end is difficult as our global attention span is shortening.

    That said, if all you do is play video games day in and day out and not spend your time constructively each day.. then the downside is oppurtunity lost to do more creative things and socialise..

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