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—–READ!—— i made this with my funny old russian friend Vartan, he started his youtube account because he loves to entertain like me. — PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO HIM! ILL BE MAKING VIDEOS WITH HIM HERE AND THERE–


  1. olhappyhippy /

    I’ve worn out 4 mouses at different times like that

  2. Plusimurfriend /


  3. hokiesrock1 /

    tht was terrible acting

  4. AfroSchmuck /

    @emosk8r9809 Shat isn’t just a past tense verb as you are referring to. It’s British English even for present tense. “You don’t know shit James…”

  5. PredominateOne /

    Fake, why would you target something repeatedly, then wonder why you died?

  6. arkandor8 /

    First guys in WSG, second in Nag. Proskill video.

  7. peacehippie999 /

    “I buried him next to the garage. B!tch.”

  8. johnsopro0 /

    WOW your a clicker noooooob

  9. kewkiez7 /

    3:47 minutes of my life wasted.

  10. MrBici2000 /

    wääH ..NosTale??!

  11. forestguardian2 /

    some kid got brutaly murdered and cut in half over MMORPG money. still think it’s funny?

  12. urhomeboy123 /

    is that his favorate shirt?

  13. KallumMcKeeTV1 /

    I wonder if he plays for the horde or alliance

  14. AfroSchmuck /

    @emosk8r9809 lol I was glad my comment got recognition 😉

  15. emosk8r9809 /

    @AfroSchmuck well actually i dont believe shitted is a word. its shat yourself. hahah

  16. Mikemugee /

    lvl 70 !?!?! lol this is old

  17. coconut4074 /

    fake lolz but hella funny

  18. coconut4074 /

    fake lolz

  19. KOOLGUUY4536 /

    @AfroSchmuck lol

  20. Sevilou /

    fake coz its acting (yes i know my spelling is wrong fuck off grammar police)

  21. cataclyn /

    that was boring!!!!! X(

  22. wwwtotalitaerde /

    Germany systematically uses torture and murder to silence any opposition. Some of the murders known to the public: Uwe Barschel, Jürgen Möllemann, Heiner Gehring, Martina Pflock, Tron, Karl Koch, Bernd Seiffert, Kirsten Heisig, Fritz Bauer.
    My brother Markus Bott had been tortured during 5.5 years by the German BND. He was assassinated on 11.7.09 because of our homepage.
    German snitchers are following me on youtube and immediately flag my postings.

  23. hunterproductionvids /

    2:26 – 2:47 that just sounded wrong… funny video though! keep up the good work!

  24. InsanePickle007 /

    @iSemtexx Fail… thats his brother playing also in the other room…

  25. InsanePickle007 /

    @orphanburrito i loledw

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