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World of warcraft Swifty Video submission contest (WoW Gameplay/Commentary)

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  1. SteezyBang /

    one shot macro, heeheeeheee

  2. gearsofwii /

    @25giaka He is now..wasn’t before

  3. 25giaka /

    wasnt swifty a human war ?

  4. Knigh7z /

    whats ur one shot macro :O

  5. Nick943098 /

    @gustafsan He did back in wrath but idk hopefully we will see one in the future

  6. vvaze /

    haha fuck you aegwyn <3

  7. Darkenfire88 /

    Um… question… WTF Murkadeer? Its Mercader!… lol

  8. gustafsan /

    Swifty, two great players have now made a guide for their class…when are you going to do a warrior guide?! 🙂

  9. Egoburger /

    lmao i wonder how horde players react when they see Swifty in TB alone.

  10. wowandmeatal /

    hey its merc in vent 😀

  11. Troll5297 /

    Im glad the whale shark guy one omg dude that was funny

  12. im18noreally /

    jk <3 u swifty

  13. handscold /

    @beeferonei yes they could lol yes they could, check zeetox as an example beats warriors alot better than swifty

  14. xXXzeldamasterXXx /

    @mester0113 Go warriors 🙂 i am protection warrior but lvl 42

  15. MrOlivier1995 /

    one shott macro

  16. 150291brett /

    aye that druid that shows up Sephrinaa tryed to copy name name, mines Sephrinaa (warrior)

  17. chazcover /

    @DinoDrunken It’s One Shot Macro. 🙂

  18. L3P0RT /

    Susan Wyman has come online!!!! xD

  19. DinoDrunken /

    Watchout Macro XD

  20. beeferonei /

    I doubt any hunter could beat swifty.. Look at his other vids like “swifty hunter duels”… Anyway I do think a good video would be 1v2 arenas :p

  21. GmaniaTV /

    I can beat swifty as a BM hunter. Watch my “Overcome The Overpowerment” video… in it, i duel a warrior with equal to or better skills that swifty. …also check out my BM hunter pvp channel

  22. ninjablue4392 /

    why weren’t any of those videos funny?

  23. wakko380 /

    holy shit, the first macro was fucked up. like 16 k29k 36k omg.

  24. mester0113 /

    Swifty is awesome 🙂 thumps up warriors!

  25. jankyTV /

    minpojke s from swe=P lke me

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