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World of warcraft Swifty Gnomish Invasion Ft. Razer

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  1. Wuterkins /


  2. zokytonusher /

    Hola buenas swifty me encanta tu forma de jugar bueno las formalidades sobran se me encanta tu videos espero que los sigas suviendo para alludar a jugadores otra cosa que deseaba seria mantener contacto con tugo mendiante Skype MSS o Facebookme espero obtener tu respuesta (MSN)

  3. Jcamm92 /

    lol he look fat as hell in this video

  4. kinotomi3 /

    i play world of warcraft but im not very good with warrior im good with holy priest!

  5. kinotomi3 /

    i like very much this mouses 🙂

  6. kinotomi3 /

    nice swifty!!!

  7. GnomePower1000 /

    @Pizapaj me 2

  8. Dankooo1964 /

    Swifty…!!! <3

  9. Sobokiostri /

    Dude u gota send me razer 😀 naga hihi

  10. 1Jiller /

    FRENCH FTW.. oh and my keyboard lights up in 3 different colors so THERE

  11. sayyabmovies /

    Swifty I can translate in Urdu 🙂

  12. Pizapaj /

    AHAHA! Im swedish xD

  13. GieffXD /

    Swifty’s too boss for Horde xD

  14. xNorthEdge /

    Swifty!!! We got the same cabinet!!

  15. platmat14 /

    @WoWgamer9991 Hordies are nabs,

  16. WoWgamer9991 /

    Do something like this on a horde toon!
    Thumbs up if you agree

  17. mcpro09 /

    @drunghammer warrior s8 shoulders

  18. BuffedGaming /

    @drunghammer they are from wotlk, this video is from 2010

  19. BuffedGaming /

    Swifty please do a video about your computer specs and about your monitors. Like a tour of that room or something


    i was there i was swiftypwns

  21. Zorphyfilms /

    Swifty! come back!!!

  22. RrB4Live /

    swifty can i have your whole room?

  23. drunghammer /

    wht kind of shouldes are those i want them

  24. Thezomgvids /

    anyone wonder why people nerf warriors? its becasue of Swifty haha we could probly start a whole chuck norris colum off swifty

  25. Drazon3312 /

    Blizz has always had the chance to go back to TBC pvp style, they never did

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