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World of Warcraft Survival Sk Hunter PVP and Crit Madoran

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Same vid but better quality, like I said may not be the best hunter vid but hope yall enjoy. Thank You for Watching 🙂


  1. jennifersurretttfg /

    great video. have any of you fellas looked at the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s impressive, i recently down loaded it. it’s got completely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i perhaps should not reveal to people about this but at the very least this gives you all a fair opportunity to dl it before i own you all

  2. Tornciti /

    @Doofchiller 70

  3. Doofchiller /

    lvl 60 right?

  4. HHHHHert /

    lol nub

  5. UndeadSoulja00 /

    i was gunna say your a complete noob befor ei looked at the date xD

  6. Niklas920515 /

    You get a killing blow when you accually kill someone, you get HK’s because your teammates kill someone within a certain range of you.

  7. balmahashop /

    tbh there not bad crits i can do that now easy with viper aspect on

  8. ChasedByAliens /

    When do you get a Killing Blow? i sometimes have like 40 HK’s and maybe 5 or 6 Killing Blows… And where does SK stand for?

  9. EVEREST234 /

    this was technically TBC…

  10. Ubberpownage88 /

    OWND fucking cumfuck.

  11. GodOfRockVI /

    Maybe cause it is TBC noob.

  12. bucifald /

    i was dealing same dammage in TBC…

  13. snappie555 /

    hahahaha survival pwnds with explosion

  14. BmXaLLdayL0ng /

    also whats the name of the addon that makes your portrait move?

  15. BmXaLLdayL0ng /

    Pretty good video, you could of used a pvp bow though..

  16. sksnipez316 /

    nah they were good just most hunters dont like it this is my shitty spec but w/e

  17. 1117ERIC7111 /

    surv hunters sucked unti wotlk now they are so good

  18. john81352 /

    hey its me vami i finally got around to watching this.

  19. amynther /

    too bad he quit

  20. Theclubpenguinmasta /

    lol and dont b a nerd man thats great that u think that way lil kid

  21. Theclubpenguinmasta /

    his stats and skills were legandary back then man i remember this dude tanked heroics even in kara and shit he was good wit all his specs

  22. 123beat321 /

    you still get owned by everyone cause survival hutners suck ass

  23. Marpionus /

    loser,my hunter Survi/Mark Have 36.06 crt and 2331 ap,i no use trinket for crt 😛
    but,whit steady havae 44.06 crt xD track humanoid + t5 :O
    i’m the beast hunter survi in the world

  24. panamap1mp1989 /

    nice man i just got this game two weeks ago and now i have a 45 hunter =D it looks like ur a real good hunter with a non rare pet that shows alot man nice vid

  25. robz7699 /

    everytime u kill someone theres someone always helping u 0_o

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