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World of Warcraft on the 900HA

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How to get it this smooth; Launch WoW type the following things into chat: /console showlowdetail 0 /console smallcull 1 /console characterAmbient 1 /console detailDoodadAlpha 1 /console groundEffectDensity 16 /console groundEffectDist 1 /console skycloudlod 1 /console farclip 177 these settings should remain persistent unless u edit ur video settings with the video options. u can also add these manually: C:/program files/World of warcraft/WTF/ Super performance mode, 1GB of RAM, XP Home.


  1. xprofessorelliot /

    Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils!!! 😀 My Favorite!! 🙂

  2. Piplupower /

    On a POSITIVE NOTE, this is a kool video. i cant get ANY game to run that smoothly, and thats…. WoW. I’m trying to play WoW on my 900HA, but i keep getting a connection timeout on my launcher.

    Curycoo, Level 60 Night Elf Marksmanship/Beast mastery Hunter

  3. gothboy181 /

    WoW Sucks.

  4. JayVox6699 /

    impressed im excited to get an EX HD for mine haha i have wow but i want on my netbook lol that would mind fuk my friends on that lil thing thx for specs looking forward to testing it on cata

  5. nelizmastr /

    @shibbyska epic fail.

  6. shibbyska /

    @nelizmastr Someone correcting you is considered them being trolled now?

    You need to get better at your job.

  7. nelizmastr /

    @shibbyska ignorant fool. all of your useless comments will be replied to with: epic fail.

    1r0ll1ng W0W f4g5 4 71F3

  8. shibbyska /

    @nelizmastr You could at least learn to do math and not make shit up, dickbag.

  9. nelizmastr /

    @shibbyska do I look I care? wow is for fags. there are way better games out there.

  10. nelizmastr /

    @shibbyska wow addict. not get a life and f o.

  11. shibbyska /

    @nelizmastr Wow didn’t cost 20 dollars a week, a year ago… whos the idiot?

  12. nelizmastr /

    @shibbyska look @ the date of posting idiot.

  13. shibbyska /

    @nelizmastr are you mentally retarded?
    private servers are the most boring thing in the world.
    also you pay 15 a month if you don’t know how take a picture with your phone at walmart.
    not 80 dollars a month…

  14. blackshadows1992 /

    this game sucks balls!!!

  15. nelizmastr /

    @Chintendoeddman whatever, I dont feel like reviving old topics

  16. Chintendoeddman /

    @nelizmastr So what if it is one year old? You still responded to it. That is the point of responding to comments. To get that person to read them. So it’s not pointless. And how does that make me a “no life”?

  17. nelizmastr /

    @Chintendoeddman dude, get a life.. 1 y.o. comment.. why still reply.

  18. Chintendoeddman /

    @nelizmastr BOO! Stupid Horde noob!!
    and I c ur grammar sucks.

  19. @Justin58201 You have justin in you’re tag and you are calling us fags?

  20. xCISZMOx /

    @GamerStylePro wow really, he is just selected a section of the screen and put it in the top left pretty smart actually because i cant really make it out without the minor blowup in size. Kinda curious how he did it.

  21. BryantRogersa /

    f r e e w o w g a m e t i m e (dot) com

  22. Justin58201 /


  23. Evilnils /

    @gmazin I could’t agree more with that.

  24. Evilnils /

    @gmazin I bet hes that stupid that he means your playing the vid .. you recorded on another pc.. but then it would’t be yellow colored ofc.. Just nevermind this stupid reaction of hes =P

  25. LRMMcDonnell /

    looks smooth for 30 fps

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