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World of Warcraft Machinima: The Grind – Halloween Special

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A really funny machinima about World of Warcraft!:-D I dont own any rights of this video in any way. It belongs to its respectful owners. I just want to show how good these people are creating machinimas and their good ideas!:-)


  1. Godzilla1704 /

    Anyone know what enchant the Troll has at 2:58 ? I’ve been looking all over for that effect.

  2. TheShizNits69 /

    Hamburger: Oh god they killed flowerhoof!
    Flowerhoof: I’m right here assface.
    Hamburger: Flowerhoof NOOO!!
    Flowerhoof: That’s a tree!


  3. wowglitcher101 /

    LOL!!!!!! 5:41

  4. snowypumpkin01 /

    I love the grind!

  5. LegoRanger105 /

    does anyone know the original creator of this video??????

  6. cjberserk1 /

    well hey therr littl- aaahhh get it offme getit offme my face xD

  7. Schnitzelterror /

    Hahaa Suckerssss ahh dammed heheh

  8. BarookOfTheHorde /

    So it was the critters all along XD

  9. rianaro /

    Great video! My only complaint is find a different audio sample that’s less annoying to censor bad words lol

  10. mycrushedpea /

    lol when the squirills eyes light up its a lightsaber sound effect

  11. walesxscarlets /

    can anybody tell me who does funny wow video’s anymore ?

  12. Davidsgameplay /

    haha this is pretty good

  13. DAAlegendTV /

    u bastards!
    haha! suckers!
    Mr.Teeth disappears
    AWWW DAMNIT! lol

  14. XSpectre118X /

    do these guys make new vids still? Cause I love their work, EPIC. This made me lol so hard!

  15. warcraft4lifeh /

    mr theeth mr theeth mr theeth horde stalking horde damnit

  16. dx2010shawn /

    Mr teeth Mr teeth mr teeth ……. YES wait uhhhhh what was i gonna say? …..Noooooooo God damnit

  17. goth9ever /

    lol, drewbie for king of SW ^^

  18. SappedPanda /

    I love the damn gnome 😀

  19. troot800 /


  20. troot800 /


  21. troot800 /

    fucking funny 😀

  22. cookie1399 /

    WOO HOO you basterds HA HA SUCKERS {mr teeth goes bye bye} AH DAMN IT!

  23. asianboy224 /


  24. cosmos67 /


  25. SilverHands1 /

    only machinima i have seen with 1 dislike

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