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World of Warcraft Machinima Montage

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I’ve been working on this video for a while. I took a bunch of good (mostly pre-BC) wow machinima I could find and put clips of each one together into this montage. I am very pleased with how this turned out and hope you enjoy! See the credits for song tittles and clip authors.


  1. zach32889 /

    So you cant make your own Machinima u had to use everyone else’s

  2. EsBOY54 /

    at 3:16 is THE BEST PART EVAR!

  3. kyleassante /

    Yeahh this I the best lmao I have to go but I’ll leave you with this…LEEROYY JANKINSS

  4. TrustMeimPsycho /

    mage arcane is sooo much better!! haha i really hope u see the troll in my comment lol

  5. chazragg /

    nyhm dos the best warcraft songs ever

  6. Cr3etStyloR /

    IMA SCAPMAN XD piiipapapparopooo

  7. hirubey /

    long story short…xferred rogue to chromaggus to play w/ rl friends.

  8. KingofGmen /

    hiru, where did you go? havent seen you since lich =/


  9. ujhn /

    lol cool (saitan)

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