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World Of Warcraft – Lvl 80 Fire Mage PVP

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LVL 80 Fire Mage PVP Skirmishes and Duels Music list in the end of the video If you got any questions about the video, just ask.


  1. april76301 /

    @TheCincala You dont know the trick do you?

  2. TheCincala /

    @april76301 whos arguing now?

  3. april76301 /

    @TheCincala You obviously have better things to do instead of argue with me for 3 weeks knowing your supposedly 21.Dont even bother replying to me or your creating your own doom.

  4. april76301 /

    @TheCincala I could go on forever…

  5. april76301 /

    @TheCincala Well try wizard101 more than 5 minutes…

  6. april76301 /

    @TheCincala I have obviously played WoW you should try wizard101 because telling from what you said you most likely played 5 minutes then quit.There are several actions spells bosses dungeons and quests in wizard101.Its turn based which involves more strategy which means its better than pressing a few number keys than attacking.

  7. april76301 /

    @TheCincala Dont make me go into almost a three week argument like i did in the comments of this video. watch?v=BrnjYK0-CyE Your just wasting your time.Also from what i learned wizard101 is not for kids even people older than 90 play wizard101.Also just so your aware i have played WoW and it fucking sucks all my friends kept on getting there accounts hacked.Then i was fucked over by people on the hacked accounts.Then my friends told me on youtube on what happened. Wow is fucking stupid…

  8. TheCincala /

    @april76301 just try WOW and ya will know….yep, wizz is for kids and there arent so many actions, spells, bossess, dungeons, missions etc. also wow has better graphic, longer gameplay……lol if i will write all differences….then WOW will win 96% vs 4%

  9. TheCincala /

    @Zedice and the last question are ya crit or haste?? 😀

  10. TheCincala /

    @Zedice man whats yer addons?? and yer armor?? pllz btw nice vid

  11. ThcIbite /

    1:01 the bears r epic 😀
    You are not bad but if you fight against two caster you have to take magical armor. Remember that all magic debuffs ticking only for the half.
    You have to frequently use Frost Ward and Fire Ward.
    yours sincerely ThcIbite 🙂

  12. Zedice /

    @kiiler123ify Testament – More Than Meets The Eye

  13. kiiler123ify /

    name is song1?

  14. april76301 /

    wow really thats it ok i am glad i play wizard 101 instead this dosent look very interesting i mean i know wizard 101 is for kids but its very incredible suprisingly.

  15. THEfemaleFIREmage /

    i am going to make a FEMALE BLOOD ELF FIRE MAGE any tips i could please have tell me!!!!!!!!!!! ~on my youtube channel~

  16. Cheeseheadedbeanboy /

    @Zedice why’s that? 😮

  17. Perisher21 /

    @beckmoney77 they are all good, but fire beats frost if your dueling most of the times which is funny/weird

  18. beckmoney77 /

    Isnt Fire good for 1vs1 and frost is like survival type of spec? correct me if im wrong

  19. larzz489 /

    use FFB after dragon breath, If you got a litle haste you got time for it

  20. druidboychickenwingz /

    @larzz489 depending on there spell pen it could be useless for some classes like warlocks that are afl remember it reduces dots and silences by 50% and your res is up wich is useless because everyone has spell pen if your up against a warlock then your helping him kill you if u have it on

  21. paparoach16111 /

    Low dmg….

  22. JonPerezo /

    Free WoW game cards at freewowgametime(.)com?join=9 . Thanks Yu Trayler

  23. Zedice /

    This was about half a year ago.. I’ve since quit wow

  24. GrafValkov5494 /

    what about better gear? Very low dmg…

  25. MrTheonis /

    lol i do this dmg with my mage lvl 50 xD

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