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World of Warcraft is SATANIC 1/4

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Why is World of Warcraft (WOW) so popular? Why are there people who are willing to give up everything, sometimes even their own lives, to reach the next level of the game? If you are a WOW player, how can you get free of its grasp? The answer may surprise you. For, the answer lies within the occult foundation of the game itself, within your own sinful soul, and within the provision for sin made by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Please visit for further truth about salvation from the Bible.


  1. 4gospeltruth /

    @diekidman Wow. Hate. Strong sentiment. Guess what? You just confirmed the accuracy of the Bible: And ye shall be hated of all nations for my (Jesus) name’s sake (Matthew 24:9). People hated Jesus too. Do you know why? For the same reason you hate Christians: The world cannot hate you (unbelievers); but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil (John 7:7). Thanks for the friendly reminder of the accuracy of the Bible!

  2. diekidman /

    The next level? lmao once u reach 85 ur done stupid man i hate you cristians ya always say something is satanic this is just a game STUPID

  3. 4gospeltruth /

    @AmericanAtheist1038 Don’t PLAY with fire, you might get BURNED!

  4. AmericanAtheist1038 /


  5. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen I think our conversation is over. You are ignorant about the Bible, and I would be willing to inform you, but you are also callously blasphemous against Christ, which I cannot and will not endure (per your last comment which I had the decency not to post). This isn’t a joking matter, which you will one day have the unfortunate experience of finding out. May God have mercy on you.

  6. heraklen /

    @4gospeltruth ofcorse and that was written down in the bible , right? makes all other fictional works true too *not*

  7. 4gospeltruth /

    @XxFPSChrisxX Those events are all the result of SIN–this earth is under the curse of sin because man rebelled against God. It will one day be destroyed by fire. Man is a sinner, not imperfect. Man’s sin is the result of his own actions. Before man sinned, he was not sinful or imperfect as you put it. God gave man the choice: serve me or rebel against me. Man chose to rebel. God gave man a choice because He did not want robots, He wanted willing servants.

  8. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen Oh, and no other human sacrifice ever rose from the dead three days later by His own power. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was witnessed by over 500 people (in court we accept the testimony of only 2 witnesses to attest to a fact). Jesus’ body was never found even though the Jews sought desperately to prove that Jesus was not God. Oh, and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was prophesied in writing hundreds of years before it occurred.

  9. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen False. Human sacrifice among the Incas and others was usually performed on an unwilling human being. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was a willing sacrifice performed on God in the flesh who died in our place! There is no religion in the world and no god in the world who gave HIMSELF to die for the sins of His rebellious creation. Christianity is unique in this aspect and it is the very point on which your eternal soul hangs.

  10. heraklen /

    @4gospeltruth No different than many other gods created by man , the Inca gods surely had more sacrifices than your true one to cite one example.

  11. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen So, if man created the God of the Bible, then they are all schizophrenic masochists. They created a God who they hate, whose laws they despise, reject, and rebel against, whose teachings they vilify, whose Son they crucify, whose name they blaspheme. Hmmmm… seems to me you’ve got it wrong.

  12. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen Okay. You claim that MAN created god. Well, I agree. MAN did create god, the false gods and goddesses that have plagued humanity for thousands of years across cultures and nations. But, I can provide complete evidence for the fact that man definitely did not create God, the one and only true God, the God of the Bible. First of all, if man created the God of the Bible, why did they create a God that they hate so much? Man has done nothing but REBEL against the God of the Bible.

  13. supercooldude97 /


  14. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen No. I’ve been sick with the flu actually. Will get to it when I can.

  15. heraklen /

    @4gospeltruth I guess my last answer was too sickening for a reply.

  16. heraklen /

    @4gospeltruth Sorry for not replying so fast , I rarely use that email adress attached to youtube. My post is sincere and is made so to stir up some emotions so you might even start thinking a bit. Interesting that you didnt approve it , it proves that you think my statement is worse than people saying “hail to satan” and that also means there is hope for you since you know its true.

  17. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen Honestly, I am not afraid of any comment or my ability to answer them. If you scrolled down and read the comments, that would be obvious to you. Again, your post wasn’t approved because it appeared obviously insincere and only used as a ploy to get me riled.

  18. 4gospeltruth /

    @heraklen I didn’t approve this because it was so sick and delusional almost to the point of being unrealistic. If you think I’m afraid of such ridiculous hubris, I’m not. In fact, I could hardly believe that your statement was sincere. I think you just wanted to pull my chain.

  19. heraklen /

    @FlyingBearVideos Ofcourse she is a coward , anything contradicting to her beliefs cant be answered in public. My post wasnt approved (as I suspected)

  20. 4gospeltruth /

    @FlyingBearVideos False. I never approve comments with foul language, and I only approve comments that I have TIME to respond to. Believe it or not, but I do have other things to do in life.

  21. FlyingBearVideos /

    You are a coward, only approving comments that you can easily dispute or disprove. You fight against free speech because there are people out there that say things you don’t like. You are an American, who disagrees with the principles her country was founded upon, that of freedom to express yourself, and to be heard.

  22. 4gospeltruth /

    @RobbyRichards I do not consider it a personal attack; I just object to the fact that what you are saying is false. I am not a Christian because I live in the U.S.; in fact, it is just as difficult to become a true Christian here as it is in any other country, including North Korea. 99.9% of what you hear that claims to be Christian is false. The Bible says that the whole world lieth in wickedness. It does. 99.9% of the stream is corrupt. The rest is the true Christian church.

  23. RobbyRichards /


    I don’t blame anyone for there ignorance. I’m not saying I have all the answers, obviously I don’t I just made an incorrect assumption. In a way I am stuck in my own little box even though I feel I have broken out of it. Society shaped you into who you are. Ask yourself this, Why didn’t you become a follower of the jewish, muslim, greek, sumarian religion? The answer is simple, the time period and region of the world you lived in. Ideas to you are an attack on your person.

  24. 4gospeltruth /

    @RobbyRichards False. No one in my family is a Christian. I was the WORST sinner on the planet before I got saved. No one is born into salvation or Christianity, even if they feel they are. We are all born into sin and damnation. Good luck with that? No it’s impossible to break out of that, but for the grace of God.

  25. RobbyRichards /

    The author of this video is merely a product of her enviornment. As are most the people here. I’d assume the author of this video’s parents are christians as were there parents and so on. Until you become aware that every thought you have is a result of your surroundings you will remain a copy in a sick society. Try to break out of your boxed life. Good luck with that.

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