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World Of Warcraft In The End

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World Of Warcraft video whit in the end song with Linkin Park


  1. yareen00 /

    @grobbulus comments are for feedback you ever notice when you like or dislike it damn says thanks for the feedback!

  2. sonicfast01 /

    What is the name of this video? I would like to watch it, like the version without the song. Nice video though 🙂

  3. prplknight18 /

    i like this song

  4. EpicWoWness98 /

    Im kinda sick of people using Warcraft 3 cinematics… Like the one where this crow is and the orc and humans fight…. Tis’ just getting old.

  5. GamingLegend360 /


  6. pikstermaster /


  7. Zaxrok1302 /

    [wmv] linkin park in the end wow music video
    while whatching this, song goes to end of vid and makes it a lot better

  8. elfenwulf /

    I can’t find one in the end video that actually plays the song this is bull shit what the heck is with the audio going off? Youtube is being annoying 😛 no fair

  9. zejtunguitarist10 /

    lol,wow is the best game that blizz invented and the best game in the world!!

    I have 5lvl80 characters and it’s awesome soon i will be upgraded to gm!!!!

  10. zeak9110 /

    wow is the best online game ever!

  11. benwegh10 /

    wow is the best cant top that relly you cant

    lvl 74 warrior grayknight killrog 🙂

  12. skip4505 /

    wow is the best mmorpg ever and dude some of that is warhammer in the vid

  13. LyrelltheDark /

    Damn right!

  14. Docthewrench /

    I can compare eve to wow . we going to dance with the devil in the pale moon light son?

  15. Docthewrench /

    dude you play runescape it so much more gayer then WOW is lol

  16. kinshou14 /

    And I’m gona have to say that YOU are the asshole because first…how the hell would you know? Have you PLAYED every single MMORPG in the world? If you havn’t been to japan I know that this willl be an uber fail on your part GameingGuy44…second…All MMORPGs are compleatly different, comparing them is like comparing chicken to cheese…they are too different. Take EvE online: Compare that to WoW and I will kick your ass you for stuppidity…

  17. l0lman2000 /

    i agree

  18. l0lman2000 /

    fuck off its the best

  19. grobbulus /

    Why do u watch the vid then…
    we dont care about ure opinion if its bad

  20. GameingGuy44 /

    Fuck u dude WoW is the best mmorpg ever u asshole

  21. 1997Bty9 /

    F U

  22. Planbskate230 /

    World of warcraft is for gay nerds

  23. Littlerockstar989 /


  24. Littlerockstar989 /

    xD hehe

  25. Littlerockstar989 /

    Im adocus on the realm caelsatrasz

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