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World of Warcraft-Here Without You

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World of warcraft video that i got off google it sreally good video!


  1. Soma81 /

    if the tauren and trolls heard this song they wouldnt have 2nd thoughts about the forsaken and blood elves being a part of the horde

  2. callmeMICKEYgirl /

    So the warlock killed both of them the boy became a undead…Soo why didn’t the girl become an undead o.o?

  3. WhiteVideos100 /

    Remember lots of things… But it’s still sad when i think about it.. Thanks dude ;]

  4. 42hr9g64w7wkwt9 /

    I love how u done everything nice vid and thx

  5. sceeterguy34 /

    OMFG U NOOB U NOOB U NOOB! u just made me mad i saw this video just on here like 5 mins to copy u just ruind a good outher video by a good outher person

  6. DOOMROCk101 /

    weird………so whos vid is it ?

  7. PaulWagsUK /

    They said they got it off google… never claimed it was his own so shush.

  8. odoc346 /

    cause you have to be infected with the plauge to become undead. she wasnt infected she just died.

  9. rootbeer0909 /

    if the girl dided then why isnt she an undead?????

  10. champarn /

    DUDE stop fucking copy others vidos

  11. lily03317 /

    Not sure if the poster of this video is the one who did it, but way to re-do the text at the beginning in the hopes that you can remove every mention of the actual creator of this video. Bravo.

  12. wowtbcwotlk /

    it’s sad, but very good!

  13. NekoTang18 /

    Thanks for adding this… i was lookin for tihs video… someone showed this to me a long time ago… still a nice song and an awesome video! thanks so much

  14. ForeverDiamond18 /

    I love this video AND this song. I think that this is probably one of the best WOW videos that i have ever SEEN, and my sister and brother in law are, like, ALWAYS watching WOW stuff, because they play A LOT. Great video.

  15. pdsavage /

    He never claimed it as his read the side notes

  16. imsoawesome05 /

    hey bitch! this is some one else’s video. this video doesnt belong to you!

  17. kimimaroXjuugo /

    omg great video. i almost cryed when i saw it the first time, and the second time i cryed.*sniff* i couldnĀ“t cry the firt time cuz my little brother and his friend showed me it and they are 9 years old.

  18. erakos /

    nice video.. added on my fav

  19. Garion072 /

    Awesome vid. Woot!!!

  20. DARKBRANDON123 /

    love it know im start playing WoW agin thanks

  21. wwemaster11 /

    OMG, this is so sad :'(

  22. DawkinsL33T /

    I got 70 UD warrior on Boulderfist, and i just love this song, and i am gona practice on the Lyrics so i can sing the song for my Girlfriend.

  23. CYAUNHOLY009 /

    cool video

  24. Bulldan /

    who’s got a tissue? *sniff*

  25. CYAUNHOLY009 /

    i love wow i have a lvl 61 mage alliance on boulderfist this video kicks ass

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