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World of Warcraft: Getting Geared for Cataclysm Ft. Nexius [Reloaded](WoW Gameplay/Commentary)

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  1. Unstability9 /

    i said lolwut when i saw swifty’s face. then lolwut when the skeleton video ended and nexius is like ” well thats how i feel about the mage changes” Thumbs up if you did also

  2. LefuProductions /

    Nexius might be skeletor, but Swifty is heman, and everyone know. Heman always win

  3. H4cKzhUnt3R /

    leet lenght

  4. ArugalSwe /

    @TheOrkyporky swiftys face scared me 😀

  5. PenguinDKx /

    @MrHakerlover I dont what does it means? 😛

  6. Overlapsguitar /

    No. This time, He-Man is going to defeat… HIMSELF! Nyahahahahaha

  7. IamuSenectus /

    This video is 13:37

  8. MRipeace /

    any 1 else noticed the lenght of the video ? 13:37 😮

  9. gereorth666 /

    13:37 video

  10. TeHshazilly /


  11. superactro /

    Go frost !

  12. Xpwnddayjudgement /

    The duel in the end rock xD kind of funy


  14. WowhelpElf /

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  15. PROMyLoL /

    This video is leet 😛
    Maybe i will start a mage, just to know how it feels to be one. 🙂

  16. TheStewieGriffinFan /

    Frost blows. Go arcane to nuke everything. Fire blows equally as hard. And bro, that’s not your gf. I can spend 5 seconds under google and find that image. GG. Stupud mages. Go kite bads because you can’t stand dieing every 5 seconds in a bg.

  17. spencerpoling /

    LOL! 5:12 is the Hunters Tier 12 armor….way to be original Blizzard.

  18. SiNzEi21 /

    The time of this is 13:37 ! Understandable! 😀

  19. FORBONru /


  20. FuzzyBuzzyZ /


  21. Kvisten158 /

    anyone noticed that the video is 13:37 minutes long?

  22. niklas990524 /


  23. GamingSquad123 /

    pause vid
    then press 6 and wait 2 secs

  24. Kradgger /

    starts with metallica, 13:37 duration, this gotta be the best video on youtube

  25. justinmcg4535 /

    Exsodic- wow com Now up!!!! New Privite Server come check it out!!!!

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