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World Of Warcraft – Fall Of The Lich King Ending Scene – Patch 3.3.2 [HD]

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This video is © Blizzard Entertainment and I take no credit at all for this video. I simply uploaded it so that others may view it.


  1. Melenonel /

    @christiansurfer91 depends if not ner’zhul takes controll over him and says fuck you all.

  2. KillerAJ /

    Did anyone hear a sound like Darth Vader’s breathing as the crown was placed on Bolvar’s head?

  3. Falloutoons /

    there must always be *lightning crack* a lich king

  4. healnrep /

    @TheMrDecrase tirion put the video recording in the centre of dalaran too lol. that was also a big mistake.

  5. xxSn1p3rH4kzxx /

    @murdurdollz LOL WAIT WHAT just because u get horrible burns doesnt mean u make a race change LOL FUCKIN IDIOT fail gawd damn ur fuckin stupid

  6. Melilithia /

    I just got my Kingslayer last weekend (fail server.) This cutscene makes me wanna cry, so beautiful.

    Now if only they had used the actual cutscene rgaphics…

  7. Melilithia /

    Someone made a comic about it.

  8. hoofdhaarkop /

    no i dont react if you rage at me but i simply say crappy graphics

  9. murdurdollz /

    @xxSn1p3rH4kzxx Yup hes perfectly white after getting burned nice work kid lol

  10. xxSn1p3rH4kzxx /


  11. murdurdollz /

    The lich king is now a black guys :O, well atlest we no blizzard is anti racist

  12. ThePhysGun /

    Anyone else see the irony in them agreeing not to tell anyone what happened then putting a big ass statue in the middle of a city that if you right click it you see everything that happened?

  13. TheEkkerd /

    @christiansurfer91 That would be freaking epic !

  14. Randomezy /

    Lichking is awsome thums up

  15. Randomezy /

    arthas cant die

  16. Randomezy /

    this video is stupid lichking will never die he is kick ass damn u blizzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will hack them and change this

  17. karenduncanpg /

    great video. have any of you fellas checked out the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s incredible, i recently downloaded it. it’s got absolutely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the new arena glitch. i probably shouldn’t tell folks about this but at the very least this gives you all a fair chance to download it before i pwn you all

  18. RepublicanNatio /

    @HighlordSarnex That got retconned by the developers. That never happened.

  19. HighlordSarnex /

    @RepublicanNatio actually i thought that there was somewhere in the comic books or some a wow novel that has Arthas standing with Ner’zhul in his mindscape and Arthas attacks and kills him?

  20. freak55515 /

    theres an ending to wow!!!?

  21. RepublicanNatio /

    @TheWarchiefThrall Honestly I think the most powerful Lich King would have been Ner’zhul/Gul’dan fused instead of it being Arthas/Ner’zhul and now Ner’zhul/Bolvar.

  22. kennythiu1 /

    anyone know the song that starts at 0:15 ?

  23. There must always be a Lich king.

  24. So, that’s what happens.

    WoW really shat all over the story set out in Warcraft III.

  25. Medivh4ever /

    @christiansurfer91 continued remember that Ner’Zhul himself never slayed any foe with frostmourne, he was just a spirit when he became the lich king, Maybe he needs frostmourne’s essence to raise undead, maybe not, i guess we will see in cata, but i doubt this is the end of the scourge.

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