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World of Warcraft Death Music

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All credit goes to Blizzard for the making of this music.


  1. DarkCreedNinja /

    The sound of trekking back halfway across the whole region just to rez and die again.

  2. mooman219 /

    @DarylKroeze I am sure there are programs that can do that. Google it! I use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, I would love a better one, but I am to lazy to look

  3. DarylKroeze /

    Is this soundtrack downloadable somewhere?

  4. Serotoninkonsument /

    I absolutely love this song. I remeber the first time I heard it, I sat down and listened to this for about half an hour, with the whisper of the spirithealer. Fantastic song

  5. TheDaniel19995 /

    I HATE THIS MUSIC!!!! Its like Alma Wade from F.E.A.R its every where to kil my Character >:(

  6. Spindry96 /

    I usted to call this “Frodo mode”

  7. borek92 /

    i’ve heard this too many fucking times, expecialy in STV lol

  8. astosky /

    it also plays in The Crypts that is suppose to be unreachable but i did it 😀

  9. BlackPhoenix00280 /

    this also plays at the balnir farmstead in tirisfal glades. freaked me out the first time i heard it. just rolling my undead and couldn’t figure out why the music that normally plays when you are dead was playing right then.

  10. joethemusician /

    I hope this is what happens in real life 🙂

  11. ArsenicArchangel /

    The undead towns have a similar soundtrack. I could listen to it for a long time. It sounds sad, but yet so soothing..

  12. neometal92 /

    very calm and celtic, but sad 2

  13. heated1814svlog /

    play… world of warcraft…. give us….your money…

    (theory that you can hear this from the spirit healer fi you listen closely to that song)

  14. Neonalfax /

    That musi NEVER sounds relaxing and beatiful when you die!!!!!!! RAWR!
    Also, the music is in Tiristfal Glades too. I love it :3

  15. miles305678 /

    Spirit healers are pretty, creepy voice and all :O This music is nice almost makes death seem inviting o:) but sadly we cannot really go find our bodies and rez XD

  16. Firemoonsoul /

    @ClearAki lol I think it’s in the Pre-Cata Stormwind theme too. 🙂

  17. Firemoonsoul /

    @ClearAki lol

  18. pahapoika7 /

    Real name is : Upside down singers

  19. 0xNoXNamex0 /

    wow is about to die with the upcoming patch. 🙁 :'(

  20. ramza675 /

    hearing this and the ghosts whispers to me is just aww shit now i have to walk to my corpse i hope i dont loose too much durability

  21. TheBlackLionHeart /

    @ClearAki No im pretty sure thats the Spirit Healer, but yes I think they do use subliminal messages in the game. But no one is completely sure what they say, since everyone hears different things. Some people hear what they want to hear. Personally, I haven’t been financially hooked and I’ve been playing for a long time. I quit a few years ago but I’ve always loved the death music for some odd reason.

  22. Cheesemast3r413 /

    Haven’t we all heard this enough?

  23. ClearAki /

    its beautiful, but sadly theres a rumor of sub messaging hidden under the music to try to keep players financially hooked, but thats just a rumor. right? its dabetable(how to spell that?)

  24. 0xNoXNamex0 /

    @cataclysmjoce “Come stay in our peace” is repeated over and over again..

  25. SorasFantasy /

    I swear this is the music used in Call of Duty: World At War?/????

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