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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Achievement Spree

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  1. banditlounge /

    I disliked because WoW sucks and SWTOR is going to be the next generation MMO!

  2. HoltWoWGaming /

    aaaah gz m8!

  3. bddblade /

    Congrats, you have absolutely no life at all! :p

  4. MMOcritic /

    congrats! TTTT

  5. Gamermja1 /

    I miss WoW and i wish my computer wasnt a piece of shit. great vid btw

  6. TheJschipProject /

    did some one say thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker ?

  7. VarickTV /

    Wait what, You played on auchindoun all this time?

    US? or EU? Because I”ve been on auchindoun US for so long D: We could of played together.

  8. lamerthenlife /

    so what are you going to say when people ask you what you did all summer?

  9. KnezAlex /

    gz x 200

  10. Narutogx009 /


  11. DubstepIsMySoul /

    Achievement whore and a half ^_^

  12. philthe007 /


  13. expectwarr /

    you need to play more characters lol

  14. SwereBox /

    @Alauran330 ahh good i really love your videos and yeah i understand your content deserves ALOT more subs atleast 20k 😀 ill do what i can not much but ill do some vids!;)

  15. TheGilbertronix /

    My first semi from a WoW video in a while, Well done!

  16. SwereBox /


  17. gomerfa /

    Thank you Alauren330 for promoting my video.

  18. nice shit

  19. Patrickk1995 /

    Good fucking job!

  20. GnomePlaysWoW /

    You just did the(to most ppl) impossible. You completed the game that never ends. World of Warcraft.

  21. fnfgreg /

    sick dude!! really amazed by the 61/61 reps thats so sick!

  22. TheReg0 /

    nice vid man keep up the good work

  23. CruiseCTRL4Awesome /

    I bet you dont have the going outside achivement :3

  24. ThePvPKid /

    WoW. That’s EPIC

  25. AstralGameing /

    No lifer? 😀 Nice vid

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