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World of Warcraft: Blizzcon 2010 Ft. Swifty (WoW Commentary)

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  1. WowhelpElf /

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  2. Flareon8009 /

    @Zehtt yeah

  3. PROMyLoL /

    ohh sick menu bro 😛

  4. deox87375 /

    I need that mause !!

  5. deox87375 /

    I need Taht mause!!!

  6. MrAlvis112 /

    If I know that you are unlikely to read all my comments and I hardly ever will Reser ve nage but you should always staying BEST WARRIOR IN THE WORLD 🙂

  7. 273674200 /

    what is intro song?

  8. marinho018 /

    WoW players are unpolite…

  9. Y0UM4DBR0 /

    i wish i could have seen more of that reaction.

  10. zepp1337 /

    @guyonpc Lack of social skill +1

  11. gobmg53 /

    haha you own swifty

  12. Could u please make it playable on mobile devices?

  13. bestgamer2112 /

    dumb bitch

  14. Darknessexpert /

    The start is just epic :O

  15. WetNipple23 /

    only a girl could ask that question…

  16. madclaw12 /

    i think you like cod. from the editing at the start with ump45 >.<

  17. jbmaglunog /

    “You’re fucking Swifty?!”

    “Yeah. Literally.”

  18. CenturionTactics /

    @TotalGameMaster Guess you are one of them -.-

  19. LongboardingBob /

    @TotalGameMaster ur a good example for the alliance i guess…

  20. Magg0t666 /

    She wasn’t alone in that comment, some other idiot said the same thing. Lawls

  21. 69bigpapi /


  22. TotalGameMaster /

    @Andrometus 90 percent of horde are gay motherfucking hermaphrodite 6 year old nigga dick sucking bastards

  23. slicemywarcraft /

    @truja97 Oi !

  24. jonath102 /

    WTB Blizzcon Tour Video!

  25. eclipselips /

    Girl:You not swifty are you?
    Girl:Your fucking swifty!

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