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World of Warcraft Beginners Guide

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  1. iiSpongee /

    i dont play runescape or wow, but when im watching a wow video im like wtf is going on but i can understand when watching a runescape video so this helps a lot wel done.

  2. EthanVideoz /

    Well done

  3. DragonXile /

    You made a good video. Well done.

  4. DragonXile /

    @Angelnot95 i used to play runescape… but with wow.. much less hacking.. and better graphics..
    So far i think wow is pretty cool..

  5. Angelnot95 /

    is this pretty much like runescape?

  6. LegendGeek007 /

    You sound like the girl with down-syndrome from family guy episode ‘Extra medium large’.

  7. TheRoach95 /

    @astriksw this may be a bit late, but yes. if you want to switch a character between realms, you will have to pay money, unless its a new realm. new realms are made by blizzard when older realms get over populated.


    @DareDevilWills I advice you to download it.Yes,it is very big,i was downloading it 15 hours but it is worse it!(sr for my english)

  9. TheSaka24 /

    I like your tutorial.
    Thanks a lot ! It really helped me

  10. astriksw /

    is it possible to change realm on your account?

  11. ptrckgonzales /

    help! im a newbie shaman on a quest, it says use primal strike on a training dummy 3x but ive been doing it over and over. pls help!T_T

  12. crashyboi /

    Blanga123:Choose your rac,class,and sex.
    Do do do do dodo do *wink*

  13. gearsofhaloauto /

    Faction: Alliance
    Race: Human
    Sex: yes please
    Class: hunter

  14. domentia /

    hehe… he said sex.

  15. DareDevilWills /

    i don;t own wow but i defenity enjoyed wathcing this tutorial,

    Well Done!

  16. 52questionmarks /

    I just loaded the 10 day free trial for WOW; started playing and I died around 5 times. X3

  17. MsMicroNeko /

    At the beggining:

    Well Done.

    But I didn’t even-

    Well Done.


    Well Done.


  18. LEGOdude965 /

    I don’t mean to be rude but he sounds like he is mentally retarded.

  19. ForgeMyLife /

    You sound like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus.

  20. vetoshnikoff /

    Nice video.. never thought that somebody would make begineer video for noobs.. Well done! =D

  21. Minecraft4Dummies /

    he pauses on sex cuz he wants to say that instead of gender so he doesnt seem like hes 10 years old lol

  22. bamafan231 /

    lol WELL DONE HOLY SH*T i was thinking in my mind whens it coming lol no offense though good video

  23. xiRoBBz /

    @darryllarkins you do a tutorial then you dick.

  24. J8hnBoy /

    Well done.

  25. TheNewbpowner123 /

    I got to the next city in the trial without this vid!

    Yay me!

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