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World of Warcraft #4 AQ Gates

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“Walking through walls?” A series of video’s that will hopefully be a little bit more interesting then the average world of warcraft video.


  1. DjDentyne /

    Seriously Who the hell is gunna Walk to a Wall for 1 minute(besides you) when u can probably fuckin Walk through a door!?!?

  2. vovapered /

    Ah-a – Take on me

  3. vovapered /

    What the name of melody

  4. GladysKravitz2008 /

    That was the crapiest video ever, but the music was AWESOME

  5. shezu /

    theres a wall jump to get there, no mods or anything required.

  6. 0xxgamefreakxx0 /

    its not a hack u just run through the wall

  7. emicket /

    Nice hack, I’m gona download it right now and get banned from the game.

  8. sherbanan /

    OMG I tipe in starcraft its saiy world of warcraft each day i see it but i bought it and i have to pay taxes 120 $ to stay online for ever but if i pay for one month it takes 25$ FOR EVER NEVER stops

  9. mrstkenn /

    anyone no wat mods those r?? thanks

  10. SoyDakosta /

    sooo stupid

  11. wiso71 /

    Stupid Video

  12. HALIOS2000 /

    Im not sure if this works everytime but i got behind zul’farrak when i tried walking into the instance while a priest used mind blast on me n i jus kept going. i havn tried it since but it may work for Old IF. tht wud be cool

  13. wow4life /

    ive been in old if, its very easy, get a mage to sheep you through the door ;o

  14. koveflash /

    try that with the door to Old Ironforge 0_o

  15. elias92 /

    lol guys …

  16. blackdog5703 /

    was he just runnign forward or casting a spell?

  17. gahruk /

    the bar thingy was the energy thing… its an addon he downloaded..!

  18. jeremybali6a /

    seriusly tell us how to do it !!!!!

  19. Hyleightor /

    Funny how they say ‘try it out’ yet never tell you what ‘it’ is that you have to do.

  20. bigblubafoon /

    That was very funeh

  21. Bdaud /

    Lol GRAT 🙂

  22. kim0th3r4py /

    what is the bar thing that she is doing?! I DESPERATLY want to get into alt-if!!! Some one plz tell me!

  23. auntjamima /

    they fixed old if, and this may or may not work now.

  24. cloudsora /

    kick ass

  25. ChaosAurion /

    what was that bar thingy?

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