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World of Warcraft #14 Bored

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“What do you do when your bored?” A series of video’s that will hopefully be a little bit more interesting then the average world of warcraft video.


  1. scorpionz7175 /

    lol the guild is NO LIFE

  2. SirLicksAl0t /

    @OoPatbackoO You’re* And you say we’re stupid.

  3. sketchydude3 /

    i love how some are backing up for a run and they fall off

  4. damianakadeep /

    he made it!… now what?
    *Kills some random Dwarf*
    LMAO that was great 5/5

  5. Turoksar /

    +40 Honor? lol…

  6. PaintSpyderBall /

    shadowsfallover what does michael jackson have to do with anything?

  7. OohatedoO /

    cuz im freee!……….Freee ballin!!!11 XD lmfao srry im tired as hell and bored

  8. boredboringbeing /

    agreed 😛

  9. bloodsheep1 /


  10. kreppikreppi /

    ur life is a lost cause

  11. OoPatbackoO /


  12. BadAzzS10 /


  13. shadowsfalllover /

    this is so dumb even micheal jackson would say so

  14. maistromv /


  15. kkatzie /

    lol! looks like fun 😛 I do something similar when I’m bored

  16. holshit666 /

    thats not hard to do

  17. lolulookveryfunny /

    ….. nerd xD but i like the songs ^.^ so ummmm yea… im bored and i usally dont watch this stuff.. i mean this is like another world to me xD ok then w/e

  18. slag5000 /

    u boyz need a life

  19. chinchow76 /

    it makes me feel like a redneck using all caps – and i should know – I live with them

  20. SulayAr /

    kool vid

  21. Faeriemoonpie /

    bf2 is great

  22. RAWfart /

    bf2 pwns hard core but i cant play it cuz my pc sucks i wanna PLAY CALL OF DUTY 4 ITS GONNA COME OUT SOON! IT LOOKS LIKE ITS GONNA BE THE # 1 FIRST PERSON SHOOTER NOW u should check it out if u havent

  23. runescapemasta545 /

    u made me play that game its pretty cool . ty

  24. xdeamonx /

    you need ot do osmrthing kooler like rais sw or if

  25. kworld19 /

    this game is boring as fuck i played it twice and was bored, you should play something like bf2

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