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World of Warcraft #13 Seeing is Believing

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW.

“Can you see what i see?” A series of video’s that will hopefully be a little bit more interesting then the average world of warcraft video.


  1. leeharvellilprkp /

    has everybody looked at the newest arena glitches currently? if not you can grab all of the information for these at warcraftbotsYinfo (replace Y with .). i am optimistic it won’t be patched any time soon

  2. felsteed510 /

    how did this happen?

  3. kisamefan234 /

    is that day of the dead?

  4. Fatkiller22 /

    Im a PC.

  5. pitch3rcleve /

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    looks like you’re about to get pwned? :D:D:D

  6. damianakadeep /

    by far the most Original private server ive ever seen, can i get the realmlist for this?
    also, i lol’ed at the aliens in the green tubes slidng slowly to the right, lmao! mroe vids plz!

  7. TondalikeSatroxaWow /

    It look like Halloween O.o

  8. Turoksar /

    Private too much?

  9. cokedude14 /

    Sure as hell looked like it

  10. NWRequiem /

    I see broken textures

  11. klagge /

    its modelchanging

  12. mmowner /

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  14. vtrinh19 /

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  15. dragions111 /

    copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours..

  16. orly444 /

    What was the first song of the video?

  17. FroggyDog1970 /


  18. kastallion /

    private server :P:P:P

  19. candyknight /

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  20. katannasakomen /

    marajuana is a hell of a drug…

  21. Aquateen989 /

    You seem to have replaced your mpq files with those ones from the scrapped version of Hellfire Peninsula.

  22. CharizardFireGod /

    A total absolute complete n00b here asking a question: that Dragon showing up during 07:28-07:34 wasn’t Deathwing, was it???

  23. AccessTime /

    Really not as impressive as it looks – just some model replacing. It’s easy to do for anyone that knows how to.

  24. H34DSH0T77 /

    ok.. wow…

  25. Yodaman2 /

    I got the proggram but i don’t know how to unzip it

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