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Warcraft – Warcraft – Cataclysm: Retribution Paladin Changes Part 1: Templar’s Verdict, Zealotry, Talent Trees

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Welcome to the hardest class to play in Cataclysm: The Ret Paladin. Patch 4.0 is bringing huge changes to the talent trees – so in this series of videos we’re go over the general feel and playstyle of each class, and talent tree within that class – analysing how the new abilities fit in to give a different style of rotation. Today, we discuss the new Retribution paladin talent tree and analyse and discuss the changes to give you an idea of what paladins look like in Cataclysm. Warning: May be boring if not relevant to your class!


  1. thebennyboi01 /

    all ways love these guides guys they help me out a lot make my tanking pvp and healing really really good but the only down side is to understand it you must start at lvl 1 and lvl the toon from there and not at lvl 60 where u left your pally after they got nerfd like i did

  2. MrThreetwoone321 /

    Did they jhust say that HoW doesent hit much ?!

  3. MrHellokitty8 /

    Why’d u guys start doing minecraft vids? o:<

  4. ILGAR93 /

    wow ret pallies used to be a joke in vanilla with the spell proc and dmg chance on sp. thye changed that on tbc so that it was based on ap. on wotlk they have improved the ret tree a lot more and changed around the rotation so that u are not facerolling. and in cata they added holy power mechanic to the core of ret so that u are never idle. wow!
    and still after all that some ppl still use the archaic “ret nub” XD

  5. vengerad47 /

    @Nayon1 Well, to spec, you litteraly just click the spell/skill you want a point in, and do this until u have all your points spent, so these guys pretty much know how to spec. LOL

  6. BroEfie /

    Paladins have been nerfed to hell while almost all of the mage skills got 10% increased dmg…Blizz needs to get familiar with the word “equality” some day…really

  7. ChinnuWoW /

    @Rall707 lol i feel like an idiot now 🙁

  8. Rall707 /

    @ChinnuWoW Its because this video is from cata beta, they changed it

  9. Rall707 /

    @nintendo4ever123 My thoughts exactly :D, well seems it ok now.

  10. nintendo4ever123 /

    @Rall707 Naw its ok, i got help from a guy i met in orgrimmar..i didnt realize i had to put in the authentification codes on the dvd boxes, im a belf now :3

  11. Rall707 /

    @nintendo4ever123 Cata installs itself without u bying the game, this is not about the game installed, but about if your account is upgraded. You should check out account managament to see what type ur account is.

  12. nintendo4ever123 /

    @Rall707 ok now it just says i need BC -.-” i installed cata

  13. nintendo4ever123 /

    @Rall707 When i mouse over it it says i have to have cataclysm installed…i ..dont think i have..cuz after i installed WoTLK it sortof installed itself without me puttin the disc in..

  14. Rall707 /

    @nintendo4ever123 If you have the Original game(the one with night elf on) and all the 3 expansions you should be able to make any race you want to. The only thing that happens when u ding 55, is that you are able to make a Death Knight. You should be able to make a Blood elf now.

  15. nintendo4ever123 /

    @Rall707 Uhm the nightelf and the green eyed blood elf..i dont know wich is wich cuz the names are not on there cuz its cardboard boxes lmao but i haz WoTLK and Cataclysm in origianl boxes

  16. Rall707 /

    @nintendo4ever123 What expansions are in the battlechest?

  17. nintendo4ever123 /

    @Rall707 i got battlechest..i was told i just had to install BC and then lvl to 55..

  18. Rall707 /

    @nintendo4ever123 If you bought burning crusade, you can start a blood elf now. Else u cant. when u get to 55 Death Knight is unlocked, IF u have Wrath of the lich king expansion. For a leveling warrior, i would suggest arms, unless you want to dungeon alot. Then you should go as tank, for lower qeue times.

  19. Rall707 /

    This is outdated now. The ret mastery has changed

  20. WoWMinGM /

    @nintendo4ever123 Waaaaaat? xD

  21. nintendo4ever123 /

    Im an lvl 15 orc in startin areas, can anyone suggest a good lvlin wat to 55 so i can become a bloodelf?

  22. Lornext /

    Back in my day when I was playing a paladi seals only lasted for 30 seconds!
    Oh no, but really… Thank you for the video!

  23. Mer1inzBeard /

    My main is a ret pally have always played ret but they just nerfed them to hard so hello prot and goodbye Ret good boing you.

  24. freerunner0h9 /

    Hardest class to play id say all ways had my paladin as a main and retri ever since i got the game and since cata its become harder but if you can put the work in your dps is just stupid in raids… can out dps hunters, warriors, rouges. Any dps class really, people will say oooh yeah with loads of gear and stuff but normal heroic dungeon gear in a raid can do 13-17k dps with a nice ‘rotation’ even though its hard to make one now.

  25. xDeathstroyx /

    08:38 huh – ” increase the critical strike chance … dsfhsdfjshdfsdjf” xD!!

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