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Warcraft – Warcraft – Cataclysm: Deadmines ft. Totalbiscuit (Normal Mode) Part 1

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Part 2: Failed First Attempt: Many thanks to TB! Simon, Lewis and TotalBiscuit take their low level characters to the new Deadmines, in search of clues to the epic mystery inside!


  1. Gregorrawr /


  2. GolemnPro /

    Please help The Dreamlords game ,please it does not have 2 many players and it will be shut down.Do a special video of the game.

  3. robits989 /

    i always wanted a skating bear

  4. PotatoOMFG /

    why did this video have an advertisement at the end?

  5. aaron9099 /

    “I got really excited killing him”

    | (Line) * (Simon)

  6. makeajaffacake /

    “I got really excited killing him…” 😀

  7. CrazyDeathKnight /

    @ScottishJolteon 😛 I was too busy watching this video rarther than thinking 😛

  8. ScottishJolteon /

    @CrazyDeathKnight well think before you comment 😛 and yes i get sarcasm…

  9. CrazyDeathKnight /

    @ScottishJolteon well im sorry ‘dumbass’ (im not really sorry :P). I diddnt know, it diddnt occure to me at the time!

  10. ScottishJolteon /

    @CrazyDeathKnight they both recorded it dumbass

  11. collcat999 /

    What Recorder do you use??

  12. collcat999 /

    ”She sells refresments”


  13. CrazyDeathKnight /

    How did you see out of total biscuits view if your not a priest?

  14. 91KnightHawk /

    i dont like warcraft games, i only watch these for the commentary.. and there was a KFC advert on before it started mmmm that made me hungry, until i heard ‘Penishole’ got disconnected… awwww Ouch.

  15. thesupercreeper129 /

    i like totalbiscit’s voice 😉

  16. Pause at 8:47, now thats a bad headache for beardbeard

  17. ruin4you /

    @destroyer2824 they play on The Venture Co. EU

  18. Esmeraldalovewow /

    “Everyone come play on my server you will love it shadowofchaos where the only seerver out there that multi class nobody else does cap level 255 pvp realm custom donor sets n donor spells click on my profile for the link 🙂

  19. destroyer2824 /

    What realm do you guys play on?

  20. ” I aaaam a skating bear, yooou guys gonna die horribly! ” xDDDD I laughed as hard… My neighbours came up @1:30 a.m. xD

  21. lilleskid75 /


  22. BryansBabe13 /

    You guys are hilarious!

  23. strikerz53 /

    @MegaSunnyDude id say 105-125k

  24. johnnyr802 /

    i hate spot ads so much!!

  25. DDubsv2 /

    I need to know what server you all play on.

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