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Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 7: Whale Shark 5, Zephos 0

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Simon and Lewis play through one of the new cataclysm zones, and kill many hundreds of crabs and naga and sharks and serpents and sea maggots and turtles and whales and orcas and eels and fish and crabloks and murlocs and collect a thousand varieties of meat and giblets and slimy goo. And whale sharks.


  1. CyanidePlaceboEffect /

    @hoursloth In WoW some of the creatures are mutated a little.
    Giant spiders and six-legged crocodiles? Frog-fish-men?

  2. robbiethebeast13 /

    @locoformen71 Venture Co. its Rppvp but they dont go on much anymore i think

  3. svengoolie007 /

    @wowfan9246 Are you retarded?

  4. WirlWind494 /

    @hoursloth It’s a mutant.

    People of azeroth have been dumping so much crap in to the water (Gnome mounts!!!) it’s not much of a surprise.

  5. wowfan9246 /

    if i were you id let the dude guys and leave the house lol

  6. locoformen71 /

    @BlueXephos hay what server do you play on and what r your characters along with simons 🙂 plzzzzzz

  7. hoursloth /

    why in the world does the whale shark have teeth… whale sharks dont have teeth!

  8. T33H33productions /

    @MARV361theSTAR in other words turn WoW into a laggy minecraft type thing ?

  9. MARV361theSTAR /

    I’LL GO BACK TO WOW maybe IF THEY ADD SOME CUSTOMIZATION! e.g. PLAYER HOUSING FTW! imagine every player has a property of his own somewhere in azeroth/outland ZOMG!

  10. Sugerfreak17 /

    thumbs up if u think Lewis should of spent a couple hours killing the whale shark

  11. RoM1il /

    I reckon simon should tame the whale shark 😀

  12. KingofSims84 /

    Whale shark is devilsaur V4 storm giant was v3 and fel reaver was v2

  13. GarfieldInDaHouse /

    In the beginning there was god… and Whale Shark

  14. 95eriksp /

    6:31 – That’s what she said!

  15. belg12345 /

    i think an arcane mage can kill the shard , with its instant casts

  16. Gonicksomestuff /

    This zone looks SICK!!

  17. atlboy837 /

    “Oh God, wheres honeybear!!, HONEYBEAR!!” LOL

  18. odemol /

    God i cant wait to level in this zone !

  19. stingernick /

    @sameroco Whaleshark drops nothing, but does give an achieve.

  20. BestRogueEu /

    @adolphjlj1 She?

  21. Onzay85 /

    Shale Shark = New fel Reaver

  22. xKarmaticx /

    The whale shark is used for an achievement , theres no possible way to tank it , it has to be kited.

  23. ITStheCALLofDuTy /

    lol @ whale shark

  24. Xanskar /

    @BlueXephos Dunno if anyone said it yet, but because his hitbox is so big you were hitting the whaleshark with the cleave portion of heart strike.

  25. happytail221 /

    Yes the Shark can 1 hit you, that’s why he moves VERY slow.

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