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Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 40: He’s coming right for us!

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Simon and Lewis play through one of the new cataclysm zones, and kill many hundreds of crabs and naga and sharks and serpents and sea maggots and turtles and whales and seahorses and orcas and eels and fish and crabloks and murlocs and weird murlocs and more naga and more naga and collect a thousand varieties of meat and giblets and slimy goo and shark teeth and ancient pottery and coins and treasures and seaweed and kelp and TV licenses and utterly enormous shellfish.


  1. shellavation /


  2. Mineheartftw /

    wheres the epic elemental vs naga battle and the jumpy jumpy into the hole D:

  3. Erthefrarg /

    is that it for vashjir?

  4. Storgud /

    I just wanted to see your reaction to the submarine ending to the zone 🙁

  5. ModderRhu87 /

    part 41?!?!?!

  6. nakenmil /


  7. unitym8unity /

    plz make part 41!

  8. Muzzway /

    No end to this series?

  9. joripien /

    I want to see that epic vashj’ir ending with your epic commentary!

  10. 69ironic /

    is it sad that ive memorized the shamwow commercial now?

  11. adramati /


  12. GunsmokeH /


  13. WoWBloodelfJakeWoW /


  14. DarkSoraBoy /

    We needs part 41!!! DO IT TO IT!
    you guys rule!

  15. superwowman100 /

    whens part 41! 😮

  16. Tiziana1234 /

    41 need the Totem q Buggy ? xD

  17. Dollyboywow /

    blaze throw? u have done more then 40 episodes i can’t remeber the start ones XD and i’m horde aswell so it’s a shit community service u do for me 😛

  18. chubbykatze82 /

    @CssHDmonster Internet memes for the loss friend lol. I wasn’t wondering if you knew what BESM was, I was saying that about AQ and not in a sarcastic sense. Some people actually don’t know what some abbreviations like AQ, ZA or MC are so it wouldn’t surprise me. Hell some people don’t know how my friend is riding the Death Charger,he’s been “reported for hacking” they think it’s horde.
    Wasn’t asking about your knowledge of hentai or anything of the sort, some people just don’t know older wow

  19. morik123 /

    @oBLACKIECHANoo so you make those noises when you’re constipated? rofl xD…only other thing would be you listen to other people when there constipated so….

  20. Felrez2332 /

    @xxdeadlymuffinxx you might have the amount of p set up too high turn it down or wait a while for it to fully load

  21. ZhakoT /

    Yes, it get’s me off.

  22. MaximOfSurrey /


    You guys crack me up.

  23. imadork123 /

    lol # the beginning with the whale shark

  24. netstormuk /

    @oBLACKIECHANoo It’s only a bit of fun, lighten up chump.

  25. xxdeadlymuffinxx /

    why does the video keep freezing every 20 seconds>.>

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