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Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 17: Collect 50?! I’m sure it’s not as bad as it sounds…

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Simon and Lewis play through one of the new cataclysm zones, and kill many hundreds of crabs and naga and sharks and serpents and sea maggots and turtles and whales and seahorses and orcas and eels and fish and crabloks and murlocs and weird murlocs and more naga and more naga and collect a thousand varieties of meat and giblets and slimy goo and shark teeth and ancient pottery and coins and treasures and seaweed and kelp.


  1. DerpSOUPIdiots /

    When YoGscast was good to watch.

  2. Soru1984 /

    just use hacks to clear every content.blizz doesnt ban and punish any hacker,buguser and botter anymore so why bother wiping,dying and giving effort for the content and wasting time with this shitgame from a corrupt creator.its sad that such a big mmorpg goes down just because bliz wants to get as much money as possible cause they already see the end of their own example look in the pvp content, there are getting more and more cheater who will never get a ban even when you can proof it

  3. Arkangel630 /

    0:42 The Canadian infection economies and of science wtf captions

  4. MrBillney /

    LOL! turn on captions, it doesnt understand the maed up WoW Words xD

  5. Lozzer70 /

    Oh great, I just found out about Budd’s Quest and I’m going through a race change!

  6. utube1484 /

    @lioman5 i think their land mounts to im not positive though

  7. lioman5 /


    like 450% speed. so yeah, they are pretty fucking badass.

  8. soadnairsoft /

    Damnit blizzard T_T
    how fast do they even go?

  9. soadnairsoft /

    Damnit blizzard T_T

  10. ManTheHero14 /

    @urclelive 😀 yay

  11. urclelive /

    @ManTheHero14 Thats ok 😀 /hugs 🙂

  12. ManTheHero14 /

    @urclelive i sorry =c

  13. abeboy13 /

    We still love the intro!

  14. LordThoriner /


  15. please god no more aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

  16. You should have simons laughing fit when he first caught sight of a bald ooga booga guy, whatever the fuck those little guys were in the goblin leveling series, shit was cash dawg :>

  17. bebban9292 /

    @BlueXephos Yooogpooood This is the YOOOGPOOOOD!(Star wars remix)

  18. MrTeacoffee /

    i love the proper one you guys made but there both epic

  19. tchokap /

    rural england must be awsome to live in

  20. olhakio /

    keep the one you have but let us hear the other one some times

  21. WoWHaZ51 /

    @BlueXephos what about a metal type intro?


    Keep the into sounds, I love it.

  23. ch33seyist /

    AHHHH i love it 😛

  24. ironhidewulf /

    better into would be nice -_-

    especially on my ears

  25. urclelive /

    @ManTheHero14 Well for one i have dyslexia. Fun laughing at people is it :)? And two, im not even English, So i think its fine thanks :S

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