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Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 16: Whale shark phobia

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Simon and Lewis play through one of the new cataclysm zones, and kill many hundreds of crabs and naga and sharks and serpents and sea maggots and turtles and whales and orcas and eels and fish and crabloks and murlocs and collect a thousand varieties of meat and giblets and slimy goo.


  1. butlerlog /

    @JonoDavison lewis

  2. JonoDavison /

    wich 1 is dating hanah?

  3. Arkangel630 /

    @Bastarden now I won’t be able to get that image out of my mind

  4. Fixx613 /

    @Zanger0 they are on the Beta

  5. Zanger0 /

    How can you play cata before it got released ?

  6. BoyPopoy22 /

    we all live in a yellow submarine…

  7. IIlidanStormrage /

    @Bastarden rofl

  8. mutatedrofl /

    is the a sea horse mount????

  9. mutatedrofl /

    is that sea house mount i seee?

  10. Bastarden /

    OMFG!!!! SEA HORSE????????????????? ARE THOSE MOUNTS FOR ALL???????? …*feels my girly side take the control and runs out of my house topless screaming SEA HORSIES FOR AAAALL!!*

  11. ComfyShortz /

    @NabilRU yes

  12. griff0987654321 /

    i prefer not to see the spoilers but the this is sooooo funny!

  13. NabilRU /

    Oh, dear me… did sponge bob invade worldofwarcraft?

  14. njdss4 /

    It’s cool how you guys turn something as mundane as WoW questing into something I can’t wait to watch. Your witty banter is definitely why I watch.

  15. qaztim11 /

    you guys should try to make a raid and kill the whale sharks and giant eels

  16. netstormuk /

    Simon doesn’t sound so pleased 😛

    Would be nice to see a dungeon video.

  17. illogicalproduction /


  18. FreedomforSale /

    Any dungeon videos coming?

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