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Warcraft – Cataclysm Uldum Playthrough Part 25: Harrison’s Gut (and Simon dings 85!)

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Simon and Lewis assist the Egyptian cat-people in the reclaiming of their desert homeland, by performing menial tasks and murdering countless other cat-people and camels. Treasures, ancient titan artifacts, leper gnomes, sand and villlages await our heroes as they venture forth to find out just how awesome the new zone is.


  1. zoombieman1 /

    @chaoskilla80 dude it is called action bars. lol

  2. chaoskilla80 /

    how do they have extra slots above abltys wat addon is that 1 were death strike anti magic sheild raise ally ex

  3. mattew0113 /

    @BlueXephos its been over half a year

  4. Lordy1995 /

    Of course in Latin Jehovah begins with an I…. *Confused Awkward silence*…… Of course? LOL

  5. swervingvector /

    lewis stop walking only on the cracks my ocd is hating you right now

  6. chriiz303 /

    what happned to prince nadu. meeow 🙂

  7. bigfoot1291 /

    WTB continuation of this.

  8. oceanhell2 /

    Another exciting episode of Kipper plays World of Warcraft 😛

  9. mordiFm /

    God damnit I’m on this quest, went here to check back again on how to do it… And you’re not doing it >_<

  10. IceCreamMortal /

    Lol. I think it’s supposed to be ironic.

  11. dudefish15 /

    This quest got bugged for me, too, luckily the servers crashed afew minutes after I picked the quest up, so he reset.

  12. You guys crack me up …

  13. ZackandFaggot /

    There definitely needs to be more How To: videos.

  14. IKEAFTW /

    I love you guys. Like, “if I knew were you lived I’d sleep in the bushes outside your houses and watch you while you were sleeping”-love.

  15. Robmeisterflex /

    Yay Gratzs Simon!

  16. IIlidanStormrage /


  17. TJLXLR8 /

    Its official Simon has just transcended GOD.

  18. CptBrave /

    2:20 – He has Commando pro… oeps! Wrong game!

  19. DIchronicaddict /

    Gratz 🙂

  20. Yourmothers911 /


  21. Spawnsy1 /

    “What the FK is this, Final Fantasy?!” raff out roud!

  22. matthoenn /

    When the 2:00 cutscene came up, I was waiting for you guys to mention FFXIV! AND YOU DID! Good work.

  23. moloko89 /

    hey, i really dont know why i watch your videos, its absurd..
    but i love them! its awesome that you have so much!

  24. EpicMounty /


  25. ItsShauno /

    Grats Honeybeard

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