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Warcraft – Cataclysm Uldum Playthrough Part 17: Who am I? Where am I going!?

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Simon and Lewis help out the cat people in Uldum with their cat related problems, and continue to battle against crippling hunter bugs! Treasures, sand, cat-people and buggy quests await our heroes as they venture forth to find out just how awesome the new zone is.


  1. butlerlog /

    Don’t fire an arrow coated with poison, just fire the whole fucking snake!

  2. WirlWind494 /

    Firing snakes, like in Conan!


  3. bubbagort /

    you should put up pvp vids

  4. TheIjustwhat /

    @famouskiller85 then wy do you watch their videos if you are going to complain

  5. famouskiller85 /

    all i really here is when i watch your vids is what the FUCK what the FUCK why the FUCKK do u always say what the FUCK??

  6. Linithrill /

    ya shoulda called youre dino Dinky

  7. MrGameguy223 /

    Its an army of cereal advert tigers!!!

  8. MrGameguy223 /

    did Simon get the achievement for discovering all of Uldam

  9. martini19891 /


  10. rr733 /

    Simon lane got 10000000 new friend requests! πŸ˜€

  11. rr733 /

    Simon lane got 10000000 new friend requests! πŸ˜€

  12. psyruslol /

    LOL ” a mage with 70k hp a tank going to have half a million hp”

  13. skellyhell2 /

    You gave simons name out AGES ago when you were reveiwing treasure island on facebook. All you will have now is a ton more facebook invites πŸ˜‰

  14. henaz93 /

    @yosasuke22 you shall die!

  15. yosasuke22 /

    WTF!!! my 80 dk is wearing a 2H mace now…. what will happen when cata comes out?

  16. morik123 /

    @TheSpeedyspeed but remember when they wanted to make it so if you posted on blizz forums it would show your real name :S at least they took that away…

  17. GamingForFunn /

    but we cant add him without the e-mail so we cant stalk him =( πŸ˜€

  18. hamstenator /

    Simon Lane, I’m coming for you!

  19. squirlkingSUCKS /

    Yogscast – Jaffa cakes & Tina Barret

  20. RonnyWho /

    NO DONT CALL IT HITPOINTS! NO! it health πŸ™

  21. netstormuk /

    Hmm, Don’t really like the animation for the cobra shot, looks unfinished.

  22. Yourmothers911 /


  23. motherlicker1 /

    ahhh crap yeah D:
    cheers for clearing that up

  24. twilightacolyte /

    Yea, my friend used Inevitable Defeat on his DK in Naxx.

  25. ohgodnotthisguyagain /

    Wait a minute…
    Simon lane…
    You wouldn’t happen to be in love with superman right ?

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