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Warcraft – Cataclysm Preview Part 13: Blasted Lands (Murlocs!)

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Part 13 of our continuing series of videos as Simon and Lewis explore the land AFTER THE CATACLYSM! In this short burst of rubbish, Simon and Lewis embark upon an epic adventure to free some enslaved murlocs.


  1. lawlor7100 /

    i know this is a game but how can a skelitin dragon fly when the wings have no lether on them

  2. JonoDavison /

    what server do you play on ?

  3. LetMeCommentBigBoy /

    @llamaking5 Israphel wouldn’t last long. Not at all..

  4. brownsfan86345345 /

    @felliard hahahahahahahahaha u got told by simon or lewis

  5. Crumatoc /

    @llamaking5 No because this is World of Warcraft.

  6. llamaking5 /

    Anyone else unconsciously expect to see Israphel pop up and start wrecking stuff at the mention of a “Dark Portal?”

  7. MaRcUsL2303 /

    Where do u get that dragon?

  8. RoFlMaOpMsLbBq /

    My favourite monster is the murloc, and i dont even play wow =P <3 lewis and simon

  9. theozzeyboy /

    i agree simon (or lewis)

  10. Oferkyll /

    @felliard the game is already full of contrivences to explain things im sure chris could come up with something

  11. 0rangeFTW /

    @felliard dont be an arse

  12. 0rangeFTW /

    @felliard wow dont be an arse

  13. MRhejsan1 /

    Then I’m watching these videos it feels like I’m an arkeologist looking through very old parchments.

  14. Daogamer /

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  15. n0taf00l /

    @DTiberius You are a fucking nerd my friend

  16. Equilibrified /

    All the poor little mallocks!

  17. DTiberius /

    If it’s true, I don’t understand why Outlands aren’t changing at all. One might argue with Deathwing only made his impact in Azeroth… but he’s not the only factor behind the changes. The Horde & Allience are at war with heavy fortifications & new settlements. Why would there be no new stroke of war or shift in power with the Burning Crusade? Much of OL is in ruins… something could’ve been retaken or rebuilt. Much lost opportunity there imo.

  18. Neopopulas /

    @felliard I wanna play Naga..

  19. robbiegosling /

    @BlueXephos agreed

  20. NeedMoarRoagz /

    (at every new spot)
    Lewis: Was this here before?
    Simon: No

  21. kidistight /

    Seems like that murloc quest might actually be fun to do.

  22. pazinjan12345 /

    @felliard NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB haha

  23. Nickpatient /

    “Oh no Lewis, Oh my god” “Ouhh” You guys are so dramatic. I love it. 🙂

  24. ArcticHowler /

    we must save our fishy friends from the naga!!! Murloc race for the Alliance

  25. Kryssy128 /

    @felliard told.

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