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Warcraft – Cataclysm: Mr Grubbs – Best Companion Pet

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Simon and Lewis take a look at the most lovable companion pet added in Cataclysm!


  1. MegaMcDuck /

    Does anyone know how much this guy is worth? Cus I have one and want to sell it if the price is good.

  2. Outclassing /


  3. Niemaminnegonicka /

    Bear Grylls like this.

  4. Agumon5 /

    I love Mr. Grubbs!!!!!!!!

  5. Turbosonic98 /

    @2wayTrebalo It’s called text speak because it’s meant to be used on phones when you’re TEXTING. Anyway, I’m pretty sure “perfictly and worfs” aren’t text speak.

  6. JustGameKid /

    the name dogmeat is from fallout 3, thats awesome

  7. pancencuana /

    i have mr gruubs too

  8. HeyImJarrett /

    I remember how happy I was when one day I came across this little bundle of joy. I still let my little precious Mr.Grubbs follow me around to this day.

  9. lopoz1234 /

    got this today 😀

  10. 4Zook44 /

    @2wayTrebalo Speak English, not absolutely retarded.

  11. fastakbar /

    add me to your friends list on world of warcraft ptr my name is gfdxsds

  12. grubbs212 /

    my youtube name is grubbs

  13. MrKicsee567 /

    what the server name?

  14. SuperNateclark /

    the marine one is better its a freakin murloc in halo armour with a rifle WHATS NOT TO LOVE?

  15. McBlemmen /

    oh god my rogue is called grubbs lol

  16. kkingx24 /



    @chrisboy008 there is an item at higher level cooking that you can feed to the “non-combat” pets to make them grow larger for a period of time. but other then that the non-combats cant fight or do anything else

  18. Juggaliath /

    @2wayTrebalo worfs?

  19. HolyReconSF /

    @chrisboy008 Hunters have pets, which you can feed so they become more happy and deal up to 125% damage. They have combat enabled abillities.
    Companions like this Mr. Grubbs never level never grow never need to be fed they are just THERE. Even when mounted they follow you.

  20. thegoldenarmy0495 /

    Any alchemy companions >.<

  21. The14061996 /

    Cool video but how do i find the pet?
    i seen all the other videos to;P

  22. The14061996 /

    Cool video but how do i find the pet?
    i seen all the other videos to;P

  23. TheBluey111 /

    @chrisboy008 naa they never change

  24. chrisboy008 /

    so if you feed ur companions they grow up? i dunno im new to wow

  25. Sollenus /

    I love their dry sense of humour <3

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