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Warcraft – Cataclysm: Marksmanship (MM) Hunter Talent Tree Changes, Glyph Choice and Rotation

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We go over the general feel and playstyle of each talent tree, and how it has changed in the upcoming patch 4.0. Today, we discuss the new Marksmanship hunter talent tree and analyse and discuss the changes to give you an idea of what hunters to look like in Cataclysm. Warning: May be boring if not relevant to your class!


  1. ShimyBrudy /

    this talent is a shit

  2. jesskazen /

    kill shot uses no focus

  3. awpzaint4noobz /

    Careful aim = hard cast aimed shot and steady ONLY above 80%(now 90% fuk u blizz) and u will do insane damage also pop rapid fire at start too

  4. NickPuleio /

    @sixassinators good thing this video came out before cata and everything you said is wrong pertaining to that time …..

  5. grobo11 /

    @carvul1 steady shot does practicaly no damage though.

  6. fjdksl86 /

    @carvul1 serpent sting no longer improves chimera shot’s damage, so glyph of serpent sting is pretty much useless

  7. carvul1 /

    Guys I suggest Steady Shot, Kill Shot and Serpent Sting glyphs, since steady is more important than arcane, serpent improves ur chimera shot dmg and kill shot is a must for every hunter 😀

  8. lemmiwinks7 /


  9. johnsilbaugh1 /

    I love you guys.. but seriously, put some thought into it, Careful Aim is a really good Raiding Talent because the Boss is above 80% health for a good amount of time.

  10. Konfekta1909 /

    it sounds like you are gay

  11. warnick150 /

    @daepixfail this was in beta when no one knew what they were doing go rage somewhere else

  12. daepixfail /

    You sound so so bad at hunters… yeah dont use aimed shot only use it as an opener…wtf

  13. danielbanaan /

    Everything you know about World of Warcraft, Has taken a dick up the ass.

    Like you know.

    Some people like it, But most dont.

  14. Omegahybridx /

    Random quote #12, “Like I told my last wife, I says; Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.”

  15. AnthonyN77 /

    I fucking love the Yogscast

  16. RachEwer /

    Hey guys, really informative. I agree MM seems hugely pvp focussed, but i still get better DPS than with surv, it just sits better with me i suppose. Cheers for chatting us through the talent tree, really helped. Happy WoWing, for the horde!

  17. x3ICEx /

    I used MM for leveling. It is great.

  18. sixassinators /

    ITS A GOD DAMN SINGLE TARGET TREE AND U NEED CAREFULL AIM ON BIG BOSS RAIDS!!!! no aoes SUCKS and btw its MIGHT that over rights trueshot and BTW BLOOD DKS ARE TANKS ITS FROST SPEC!!!!! u guys suck retarded 😛

  19. sixassinators /


  20. GoblinsnHobbits /

    shamwow guy started me off for the video at 100 rage. had to use inner rage to dump it all before marksman description.

  21. Jordanchychrun1 /

    @DIPPINGboy69 But your gonna love his nuts

  22. catmanraspen /

    Just a tip, you will make more dps if you not are bound to the rotation, just keep haste buff and focus up, and spam arcane and chimera shot

  23. Miguel99white /

    Thank you guys 😀

    Just a note, try to zoom it more next time =)

  24. DIPPINGboy69 /

    fuck the shamwow guy hes a dick

  25. serversanidiot /

    guys plz, if u dont know any think about a class and there specs then just dont bother

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