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Warcraft – Cataclysm Goblins in Azshara 18: The Trial of Frost, The Trial of Fire and the Trial of Shadow

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Simon and Lewis strap rockets onto their bodies and resume exploration of the goblin starting area, interfering with gobliny business and continuing to generally annoy the crap out of everyone.


  1. midox112 /

    hey i need some help :/ i have play trail and have 2 lvl 20 and now i wanna update to full… shold i take one for 9.99 £ or 54 £ need help what are the difference…

  2. CaelanMT /

    Rofl, little Goatses everywhere, don’t put that image into my head. NO ONE SEARCH UP GOATSE INTO GOOGLE AND CHOOSE THE FIRST LINK.

  3. outlandstoehr /

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  4. amerskos /

    Thank cod!

  5. Jagethemage /

    @superswimmerben simply another step in making WoW 100% toddler friendly. u can pwn if you’re age 8+

  6. Jagethemage /

    what kind of Blizztard idiot would’ve thought this up.. LETALONE put it in their damned game? WoW went from epic group adventures through an exciting world to… sit in capital cities in queue for a dungeon / battleground and.. well.. this..

    Burning Crusade turned my favorite game of all time, into a toddler-friendly piece of shit. makes me QQ sometimes

  7. Ado4life97 /

    WWWAAAAAHHHH theres no altar!

  8. Thorntreed41 /

    @Bonja82 do u have to have cata?

  9. Thorntreed41 /

    @SoaD306 lol same reply back if u figured it out

  10. SoaD306 /

    guys i dont have touch to start what i need to do ?

  11. SoaD306 /

    omg i dont have to touch for begin
    what i need to do ?

  12. amberflamesorig /

    thank you,christ nomore braindead gearscore players 😀

  13. ak23funsizd /

    I do this quest but the trial of trial the altar isen’t there

  14. icentfindaname /

    i’m in uk realm quel’danas and in trail of shadow, there is no alter to press to start… Any 1 got idea what to do..?

  15. Allustuffz /

    This is the best raid advice ever given to me: Q:How to heal in raids…? A: run around and heal people.

  16. Bonja82 /

    @Pinface34 U got cataclysm?

  17. Pinface34 /

    im on live servers and i can finish all trials except the trial of shadow because the altar will not show up, everyone in my guild say they didnt have any problem with it, but the altar is just not there so i cant do it…

  18. xboxwizard98765 /

    haha the trial of frost suckedd

  19. Reservist /

    How do you get back up if you fall ><

  20. under00ground /

    wtf the alter isent showing for me!

  21. YourNameHere221 /

    those were hard but do able the most annoying one was the ice one for me but it does teach you raid awareness at an early level so thats nice i think you should be able to walk through the ice orbs you have to pick up instead of them stopping you in your tracks for a sec but other than that very informative

  22. clearasil11 /

    Really wish the Cataclysm instances/raids would require skills like these and not just imprinting your class’ rotation onto your brain and nuking spikes when they appear

  23. BoomRQ /

    “Oh ok here we are the trial of frost and oh my fucking god”

  24. flamablesteve /

    I love it when Darwin is dancing.

  25. atleast blizzard are actually teaching people how to play instead of telling them to fetch 15 boar meat

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