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Warcraft – Cataclysm Deepholm Playthrough Part 6: So Deathwing slipped over and squashed this place right?

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In our continuing adventures under the Earth, Lewis and Simon hunt and fight to reclaim the missing pieces of the World Pillar, offering assistance to druids, shaman, earthern, goblins, elementals, giants or anyone offering small amounts of gold and green pieces of clothing.


  1. jeremy5767 /

    the footballers laughed stupidly,and now lewis is a millioniare

  2. wolfwing44 /

    @thewowscape It’s a Deadly Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm.

  3. thewowscape /

    does anyone know what mount lewis uses?

  4. JakeGordonTV /

    Maybe Deathwing had some spacker and fell over while he was high on it. I mean it only costs a badger so I bet he could afford it

  5. dracolich7 /

    lol u know you play too much when you try to angle the drake up…. on youtube

  6. SeannWiliamScott / of you ever played on sylvanas (horde) , a boomkin as boomkinftw 😕

  7. anonymepelle /

    what server are they playing on?
    is it an RP server?

  8. dookiebirds2223 /

    I laughed sooo hard when fizz slapped the shit out Simon. Idk why that was so funny.

  9. stingernick /

    That dagger@ 10:53… /drool

  10. AyresAlice /

    There are few things I want more than being the jizzmopper at Yog-towers.

  11. niks112 /

    fizzflinger = epic win

  12. FabianRinna /

    You guys win +2 Internets.

  13. Haasth22 /

    By the way… In case you were serious when you said “What was Neltharion again?”… Well that was Deathwing pre-Deathwing mode. So… Before he tried turning everything into fire and smoke. Just saying. :p

  14. evilomen725 /

    hahaha the carelessly strewn jizz is back again

  15. kohichu14 /

    I love listening to you guys talk. xD

  16. KINGDotSlashFacepalm /

    I think i want to Quest in Zul’twizzly Hills

  17. Deanassar /

    the name of the quest “that’s no pyramid” is a reference to starwars

  18. roryjay7 /


  19. hahavimse /

    you CAN get killed on the job 😛

  20. luckygozer /

    @namekkaia a bit of reply


  21. namekkaia /

    A bit of lore –

    The area is called Deathwing’s Fall because this is where he retreated after the other 4 aspects sundered the Dragon Soul, regained their full power and nearly defeated him. So he’s been hiding out in Deepholm and regaining his strength since the Second War. He shattered the earth pillar, causing the Cataclysm, when he emerged from Deepholm to exact his revenge on the world.

  22. cornsplosionftw /

    how to brutallus i remember lol

  23. SoulOfFenrir /

    That sp

  24. Dirondack /

    Jizz mopper, id imagine the work would be infrequent.

  25. peteyweey /


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