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Vuhdo Set Up Part 1 – Cosmetic Settings

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. This is the first installment of my 3 part guide on how to set up Vuhdo. This was done for my blog, and if you prefer text directions, I have them over there complete with time markers detailing when I talk about each part. Part 2: Part 3: Vuhdo at curse: Vuhdo home page: My UI:


  1. rfz77 /

    thanks, its been very helpfull

  2. SawnNify /

    this helped me soooo much! great tut man.

  3. FawxNewbz /

    Hello I sound like a robot huhuhuhh lol.. Healbot sucks for me i might try this one if its better but i hate small bars..

  4. BandageSpecBlog /

    @llkiler I canceled my wow account a few months ago so I can’t get you a direct path to what you’re looking for, but I know what it is. It used to be the icon telling you the target was swiftmendable, but for a long time now you’ve been able to configure it to do a lot of things. It should be under General->misc and that’s about as far as I can point you without looking through the menus, sorry I can’t be of more help. Name was something like special dot.

  5. llkiler /

    ok well i am a resto druid healer and i am having some trouble on setting up the HoT timers. I have it set up for bars it works but there is this random big red dot on the top left and i am wanting to get rid of it since it is obstructing my healing effectiveness with the timers and such.

  6. GoChaca /

    I normally do not comment on vids but this is amazing thanks. Qued up now and it looks good! can’t wait to try it out!

  7. kuwai /

    @LotusGanesh He is using a chat box addon (I use chatter), a map addon (there are several), and then a bar addon which is probably bartender. The border at the bottom is SunnArt and he is using another type of unitframe (such as x-perl) addon. Not 100% positive on all that, but I had my UI set up like that a while back.

  8. LotusGanesh /

    What is the name of the addon you have for your interface? What I mean is how do you have the text and mini map down at the bottom like that? Healing and taking screen shots is a pain in my ass because I have all the text running along the side. How you have your screen set up is less cluttered. I love it. Any help would be fantastic.

  9. omgcmonlogin /

    how do I make the bar color = class color?

  10. BandageSpecBlog /

    @wowlover1100 Move -> add new panel

  11. wowlover1100 /

    i lost my main tanks how to i put it back up?

  12. IRTEHHAX /


    Just type /vd opt

  13. IRTEHHAX /


    Give people a warning, that HELLO in the beginning is so distorted and insanely loud.. Almost broke my headset PLUS my ears dude.

  14. JadeRaven13 /

    @BandageSpecBlog it was tyvm. im glad i had to reinstall this addon. im getting to know it much better and have it set up way better now. its looking way sexier than healbot!

  15. BandageSpecBlog /

    @JadeRaven13 To change the text to class colors, it’s Panels -> text, and there’s a checkbox at the top under “bar text”. To change bars to class colors, it’s a little trickier. This got moved. Go to General -> Indicators. Under that, find the “Health Bar” box. Change it from “Health Bar (Generic, Solid) to “Health Bar (Generic, class col.)” Hope that’s what you’re looking for!

  16. JadeRaven13 /

    hey, i see you went with having class colors as text. i used to have mine as the bar itself. i just reinstalled this and forgot how to re do that. can you help me out?

  17. endson90 /

    small font just fuck my eyes

  18. RodRinehart /

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It is very well done. I appreciate it.

  19. styeag /

    @BandageSpecBlog Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for. I looked for hourss haha thanks again.

  20. BandageSpecBlog /

    @styeag I wasn’t aware that option moved, I actually had to go ask the author on this one, lol. It’s under General -> Indicators then click “more” next to health bars. Cheers.

  21. styeag /

    @BandageSpecBlog Hey, great video. very helpful, vuhdo is a great addon. Thanks. Just one quick question, how do you make the health bars grow vertically (like grid is set up a lot of the time) rather than horizontally? ive been looking for it and and somehow can’t find it. I’d think it’d be under the Bars Tab? Didn’t see it though?

  22. BandageSpecBlog /

    @NKaldis That’s not MSBT, it’s Chatter. Personally, I like it. But if you want to turn it off it’s somewhere in the chatter options. Not at home right now so I can’t give you an exact spot in there.

  23. NKaldis /

    Did you ever encounter a problem where MSBT would display a message whenever someone would mention your name in Guild chat or a Whisper? Do you know how i would resolve this?

  24. BandageSpecBlog /

    @NKaldis 15.3 for the height, and .14 for the scale. Easiest thing with that is to just play with it until it looks right with your set up. I set up my action bars and whatnot first, then made my viewport fit that.

  25. NKaldis /

    Whats the thickness of you’re SunnArt? Mine need to take up like a quarter of the screen? I don’t know if it’s just the video but it looks like yours uses minimal screen usage and everything is still easily visible, i need to shrink everything down pretty small to achieve the same effect you have hear. I play on a 26 Inch by the way.

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